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663 People Prayed
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Father, guide the decision of the Supreme Court Justices. May your natural laws be honored.

Today, arguments are being made to the Supreme Court on two critical cases.  These cases could change the designation of civil rights protections to include special protections for homosexuals and transgenders in employment. This has not been enacted in Congress–it is being litigated by the Supreme Court. These cases bring to the Court the question of whether LGBTQ persons, because of their sexual preference and gender identity, will be afforded special protections under the Constitution. the same as race and birth gender.  The potential ramifications of a change in this designation on businesses, churches, schools, and everyday people of faith are frightening.

Pray with us today for each of the Supreme Court Justices as they hear these cases.  Pray for those arguing the case in the Court and that God’s values and the Constitution would be upheld and not skewed to fit an ideology. This Special Report offers prayer points and scripture to pray.

From Attorney William Olson who has been intimately involved in the cases, representing religious freedom:

Both cases involve the same statute, and there is complete agreement that the U.S. Congress, in enacting Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, never intended the prohibition on employment discrimination “based on … sex” to cover anything other than biological “men” and “women.” However, Social Justice Warriors do not let the meaning of words get in the way of serving their favored constituencies.

These cases will reveal whether the Supreme Court believes that it has the same liberty to re-write and re-interpret Congressionally enacted statutes as it does Constitutional provisions. If so, the Congress need no longer meet, since the Supreme Court may do as it pleases — having not only hijacked our Constitution, but our Statutes as well.

Harris Funeral Homes v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Our briefs in the Harris case tried to bring a dose of realism to the courts, addressing issues, such as — can a man really become a woman? Strangely, this question was almost never even touched upon in the litigation of the Harris case.

Since the Harris Funeral Homes was owned by Christians and run according to Biblical principles, a loss in that case would constitute another massive attack on Christians in the professions or owning businesses of any kind.

Altitude Express v. Zarda (consolidated with Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia, decided by the Eleventh Circuit).

We pointed out in our Zarda briefs that both his employer and all his coworkers had known for years that he was homosexual. He was not fired because he was homosexual, but because he seemingly had a need to share with everyone the fact that he was homosexual – including customers. When a customer finally complained about his oversharing, his employer was forced to take action and terminate his employment.

However, as we pointed out in our briefs, even if Zarda’s termination was based in part on his sexual orientation, that still does not mean he is able to sue under the statute. Our brief disputed the idea that sexual orientation is so closely tied to sex that it should be considered the same thing.

Finally, we attacked the idea of an “evolving legal landscape,” wherein judges feel free to create new law based on how they perceive society, and how they believe the law should be read to fit that ever-changing society. Rather, as Justice Gorsuch has noted, it is up to Congress to change federal statutes through legislation; it is not up to courts to do so by fiat. And in this situation, Congress numerous times has refused to enact into law new protections for “sexual orientation.”



663 People Prayed
10667 People have read this article


  1. This would in essence put into law the so-called “Equality Act” that Congress has not passed (and hopefully never will). It destroys religious liberties and protection under our constitution. We really need to pray for these decisions and our Supreme Court. One of the big reasons the Democrats are working so hard for our President’s impeachment is to prevent him from appointing a third Supreme Court Justice which could be needed sometime soon.

  2. Father why do the nations rage ? The answer to that is they reject Jesus , The Word . Your Word is Truth . God uproot and remove from office all evil doers and replace with men and women of right standing with in You . Let justice prevail in these court cases and Your name be lifted high .

  3. Amen in agreement to all these prayers, decreed and declared to the highest Judge of all the earth! No weapon formed against this nation and the mighty warriors for the Lord of Hosts shall prosper in this nation. Rise up, O Lord! And let Your enemies be scattered!
    Deliver us Lord, from our enemies; defend and protect those Who are your children, called by Your name, from those who rise up against us. Protect this nation from those who plot evil. You alone are our strength, we will watch and give heed to You and sing praises; for God is our defense, our Protector and High Tower! Scatter the deception and lies of those who are decievers, by Your power. Make them wander to and fro, and bring them down, O Lord, our shield! Let all the twisted lies be trapped and taken in their pride. Let all know to the ends of the earth that God rules over all!
    ( Taken from Ps 59 )
    Let God arise! Let His enemies be scattered!
    Job 22:28. Decree a thing and it shall be done! And LIGHT will shine on your path (America)! Only light can drive out darkness. Darkness cannot drive out light. Let God’s Truth prevail!
    I ask all in the Mighty name of Jesus, to Whom every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord of all! Amen.

  4. My wife said we as Christians should not hate homosexuals. I said to her it has nothing to do with hate. Christians hate sin! And the Supreme Court should follow the law and not make new laws. They are under the same laws as the constitution tell us we should be. I’m praying that they see that. In Jesus name Amen

  5. In the Altitude Express v. Zarda case. It is very possible that this person was announcing his sexual preference hoping to connect with others. If a man would announce that he was a man to every woman would that be sexual harassment? Even if a woman would announce she was a woman to all the men who came into a business would it be sexual harassment?

    Praying for the supreme court justices, Lord please allow Your Holy Spirit to lead them. Lord, I know these decisions are showing the state of mind and hearts. It’s only by Your mercy that we continue to have Your protection and by Your Grace, we have continued to follow Your Word in many States of America. Please have Your way in the USA. We are awaiting Your return and are excited about being in the wedding feast of the Lamb. Come Lord Jesus come.

  6. Isaiah 42:12 & 13 paraphrased for this purpose, Let us give glory to the Lord and declare His praise from coast to coast of the United States of America. The Lord will go forth like a mighty warrior and will arouse His zeal like a man of war. He will utter a shout, yes, He will raise a war cry and He will prevail against His enemies. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered in the mighty name of Jesus. SCOTUS WILL uphold the constitution and WILL NOT cave in to the extreme agenda of the LGBTQ agenda in Jesus’ name, Amen!!

  7. Amen, I agree with all my brothers and sisters here for the Supreme Court today! I Thank You that You ARE hovering and brooding over each one of them! I thank You that you have ordained and preserved us a nation. Thank You for the privilege of praying for them today. We know that You are our King, LORD Jesus. Our hope is in You alone! We bless Your Holy Name, as You are the One who gives and takes away. We invite You Holy Spirit across this nation today to break open and pour out the lies which enslave Your precious and beautiful people for whom You Jesus died and rose again victorious! Help me and my brothers and sisters to speak Truth in Love.

  8. Three of us sitting here together are in agreement with all the above prayers. We have prayed through the above article as well. The Lord reigns supreme whether the world knows or not. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Just sitting here on our thrones with the Lord doing His Work today.

  9. Oh God! I cry out to You to intervene in these Supreme Court cases so that Your Word will be upheld in our Nation! Let these Justices have plain direction from You as how to address these cases; bringing order to a confused society. We as Believers know that Confusion comes from the enemy of God & he is the father of all lies. These deceptive lies have clouded the judgment of people to think there should be equality to everyone based on their lifestyle choices instead of equality based on the Natural Order of Your Creation. I ask, oh Lord, for mighty, supernatural miracles to be seen in these judgments so that the Laws of our Land line up with Your Word! Send forth an Army of Angels to protect the Remnant! I pray for our Country to not continue to be blinded by Sin & all its ramifications! Give Wisdom to these Judges so that purity will prevail & Sin must not be equaled to proper and Godly principles!! Overshadow the lawmakers & leaders with Grace, Mercy & Discernment of Spirits! Prove to the People Who You Are through these decisions in our Supreme Court. Let Your Light shine in this Darkness! Bless these learned judges with Power to create Focus on what is Right in our culture & to NOT CONDONE THE ADGENDA OF THE ENEMY! Show Love,Joy Unspeakable & Full of Your Glory to set the Captives Free! Provide Mercy to those blinded by sin & give them a place in Your Kingdom as they embrace the True Power of Love-not this twisted & shameful, corrupted & Unnatural stance of Life. I pray, believing in these words of Hope for our Nation’s People to be set free & delivered by the Blood of the Lamb! In Jesus’s name I pray! Amen & Amen!

    Also, let Congress, Senate & President Trump be given Wisdom, Respect & Descernment in all they do for our nation. God, please don’t take Your hand of Mercy & Blessings off of America! For Your Glory I Believe! Amen!

  10. Father God, I stand in AGREEMENT with Your
    intercessors of Truth. The gates of hell will not prevail O God, and please Lord, by Your Spirit, infuse “Gideons and Rehabs” to be
    willing to stand for righteousness in the public square and not hide among the shadows, therefore “denying you” in the NAME POWER and AUTHORITY of JESUS CHRIST our LORD MASTER

  11. Dear Father, the enemy is relentless! Help us and the Supreme Court be grounded in your Word and be steadfast to your laws and keep the Constitution from being hijacked! Help our nation to resist the devil and draw near to you and the enemy has to flee away because You alone are God! Please help us to turn to You as a nation and follow Your statutes and commandments! We are to love You with all our heart, mind, body, soul and understanding and to love our neighbor as ourselves! We are to hate sin and not the sinner! Praise You for who You are! Our LORD, our Father and hearer of our prayers when we cry out to You in our neediness! In Jesus’s Name. Amen.

  12. Heavenly Father–
    This perverse spirit must not dominate and harass Godly people who choose Your ways. In Jesus’ Name I break it’s power and declare it will not prevail. May increase of Grace and Truth rise up and prevail through Jesus Christ!♡♡♡

  13. I have been praying this morning for many who need to put their full weight of their concerns upon You, Lord! Now here we are as a nation, at this awful place of decision making that should be clearly decided according to Your Word, yet Satan’s lies have been received by many as truth, though You, Lord Jesus, have already triumphed over them according to Colossians 2:13-15!

    So we humbly pray for Your work today in the hearts and minds of our Supreme Court Judges. By Your grace to our nation, we ask for laws that reflect Your beauty and righteous commandments, so we may live peaceable lives before You, Lord, in true love and devotion without added onslaught from our enemy.

  14. Father God we love you and we love your word. Jesus is your word. We know that he loved all Of Creation equally. We are made in your Image. On behalf of myself and other wishy-washy Christian’s I pray that you will open our eyes to the depths of what this means. Forgive us When we are out of line with You’re perfect will. Stop this insanity In the name of Jesus which causes people to think they are something other than what you created them to be. Open up the eyes to our understanding and for those People who call themselves liberal christians Dig into their depths, Remove the blinders from their spiritual sight and open up their eyes to You are righteousness I pray that they will understand the importance of forgiveness and be able to see more of the enemy’s plans to take over Mankind.

  15. Father- we DO join together, in JESUS NAME, acknowledging our NEED OF YOU to touch the hearts, minds & souls of Supreme Court Justices even NOW… we ask for YOU Holy Spirit to preside in those meetings… and HOVER /BROOD over EACH JUDGE as they make these decisions!! We PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS over the minds & hearts of each one… and ask for YOUR MERCY & GRACE — BOLDLY COMING BEFORE YOUR THRONE TO RECEIVE—- THANKING YOU – IN ADVANCE- for YOUR INTERVENTION … for YOUR NAME’S SAKE — AND GLORY!! We also ask on the behalf of those caught in the fowler’s snare of homosexuality and perversion… that YOU WOULD FORGIVE THEM- AND RESCUE THEM- AS ONLY YOU CAN DO?! AMEN & AMEN. Peggy M.

  16. Dear Father!
    We pray that YOUR truth—Biblical and Constitutional—would prevail! Holy Spirit, please bring strong conviction and guidance to our justices. Please win these cases, for your great Name’s sake. We pray in Jesus’ name. AMEN!

  17. Oh God, intervene as only YOU can in both of these dire and pivotal SOS calls to You, our ONLY HOPE in these twisted times of attempts to legalize abominations and sin that are downright abominable to You and the ultimate in rubbing these abominations in Your face. Father direct every thought, word, and deed of all the justices, and let NO abominations be legalized, rending our country even more wallowing in abominations against You than those that are already in place. Prevent evil from being raised high, defining our country as a hater of You and of Your holiness and righteousness and justice. Oh moooooove Father in these matters as only You can. Stop this evil in its tracks, for we defy it, in Your Holy Name. Hear our cries, in the name of Jesus, amen.

    Brenda B

    1. Amen! May your mighty arm hold back the tide of evil and preserve and protect your people from being held captive to the lawless decisions made by those who fear men and do not fear God. You alone are our help, oh God, we place our trust in the LORD Jesus Christ, our hope and redeemer!

    2. Thank you, Brenda! We all stand now, Holy Father God, beseeching your Holy Spirit power, to preside through our Supreme Court Justices, to stand against these abominations which go against your natural laws of nature. In the name of Jesus we pray, AMEN.

  18. Father! You said in Genesis that you created a man and a woman. Period. We stand solely on Your word and pray each of the Supreme Court justices will too and we pray their hearts and minds will be in line with Your word as well, in Jesus Name amen.

      1. To Agree or Disagree?, Isn’t that the question!
        There must be employers that would embrace the person’s lifestyle so it wouldn’t be necessary to force a lifestyle viewpoint on those who disagree with the lifestyle choices made.
        In essence, it’s being said, employers do not have the right to disagree with the lifestyle choices made, thereby
        is it not violating the rights of those employers that do not agree? This seems to be the underlying message:If you do not agree with lifestyle choices based on one’s belief,that person will enter a business thereby forcing you
        to allow the lifestyle choices made. A person is not permitted to disagree even if it violates the freedom to disagree, with the disagreement thus based on religious beliefs. Isnt this denying employers their equal rights? And isn’t the very thing being fought for, the same that would be denied employers? Like it or not, employers have rights too!
        It’s not about hate. It’s about Truth, God’s love, and deception by evil. Heavenly Father, have mercy on us all.

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