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455 People Prayed
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On Sunday night, June 23, I woke up weeping for the lost. In my dream I had come to a street where a section of the sidewalk was lined with small miniature sports memorabilia placed there as a memorial for someone who had died. My spirit was immediately moved and I knelt down crying for the lost soul it represented. I felt deeply for this one who had given their life to worldly pursuits and idols without knowing Kingdom realities. They simply had not heard.

Then, I saw people quickly begin to gather around this same place, taking up their positions as if on cue. Men and women, each wearing plain nondescript clothing, each gathering around this same spot and beginning to pray. They knew they were called and it was their time. I could tell the woman in front of me saw me weeping. I knew her heart was fixed on me. She saw the burden I was carrying and was praying for me, just as much as for the cause I was drawn to. I woke up crying, still moved with compassion for those who do not know…

This past weekend at our church we had an evangelist come and minister powerfully to our people. He taught on the power of the Holy Spirit and the great need to share Christ with others. After preaching on the power of God’s Word to heal, he began to pray, and numerous people were touched and healed of various sicknesses and symptoms. At the end he prayed for everyone to receive the same boldness and confidence he had in praying for others. His passion to represent Christ and make Him known was tangible. I personally felt the Spirit of God touch me and I began to shake with the passion and zeal of the Lord.

He had shared with me earlier his sense that God was releasing the evangelists in this hour to not only pray for salvations, but to stir the body of Christ to reach the lost. My dream seemed to confirm this reality as I have never considered myself evangelistic or carried that level of concern for the lost. To drive the point home, my young adult son had a similar dream on the same night. He saw a stadium filled with people mourning the loss of many who had not known Christ. He saw many young people “falling through the cracks” as they were climbing walls of cables, searching for power but going nowhere.

I believe the Lord is inviting us to pray for the lost, as well as pray for those who carry this evangelistic mandate. As five-fold ministers, they are called of the Lord to impart this same grace upon believers to carry the Father’s heart and compassion for those who may be storing up worldly treasures but are losing their souls. The harvest is ripe and workers are needed. Just as many are being called up to duty as evangelists, so are the watchmen who are needed to stand in the gap and pray for this great commission to be fulfilled.

Evangelists, arise! This is your time and this is your hour to release the grace that is upon you. Your zeal for the Lord and for the lost is needed to awaken hearts and bring the dead back to life. Watchmen, get to your posts! If you are being called up, get into position. Open your eyes and look around. Watch and see who it is the Lord is putting right in front of you to pray for. You may not be seen in the natural, but heaven knows your name and is calling on your intercession to lift up those who are ministering in God’s grace to this generation of wandering prodigals.

Pray for one another that this world may know Christ and the power of His resurrection. Pray that we might respond quickly to the promptings of the Spirit and pay attention to where heaven is moving and God’s Spirit is stirring. Pray that our eyes would be open to see the need, the desperation, and the longing for redemption. Pray that no more would die without hearing the truth that can set them free.

The Father’s heart has been stirred. The evangelists are being called up. Watchmen, join in and take your positions. The harvest is waiting as heaven is about to be revealed.

Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved. (Rom 10:1 ESV)

455 People Prayed
2431 People have read this article


  1. Thank you Wanda for your article and taking time to share. A thank you to all who sent replies. I too have spent more time weeping for myself as well as others. I am trying to remember to ask God how he wants me to love the people in my life and the people he sends into my life.
    I am studying the book of Leviticus using the study guide from Precept Ministries to learn more about what it means to be a priest in the priesthood of all believers. Both sermons I listened to today address the importance of prayer, preaching, teaching. and reaching is. A particular burden God placed on my heart near the end of June was to increase the intensity and frequency of praying for our country. I started a 21 day Daniel fast after July 4th.

  2. Heavenly Father thank You for saving me. Please Lord call many to You. Do not hold back but stretch out Your mighty arm to gather in those that do not know You. Many know about You but they don’t know You. Wake up Your faithful and have them speak about You to the people they know. I pray this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  3. I was so glad that I had stumbled across this. I had been praying and weeping off and on for a minute and even more in the past week. I told a couple of my friends they think I’m emotional. The on Wednesday night I had heard in my hearing something is going on here in this town. What’s wrong here. I turn around later in the service when we were asked who had a word. I then stood up and spoke what I had heard. The ending prayer for the night was for God to strengthen us with power and might to go out and when the lost souls fir Christ. This the answer. We must go out and Evsngelize. This us the great commission that we all are commanded to do. This is what the problem is. We must go out, our side of the four walls of the church and being so comfortable and bring home the sheep into the sheepfold.

  4. Hope this poem is a blessing to someone..

    I had a dream about a friend
    Who’s life had abruptly come to an end.
    He stood before God’s Judgment Throne
    To be judged for his sins by God alone.
    He turned to me in this dream and said,
    Thank you friend.

    Thank you friend I now curse your face.
    For you knew the Saviour and Him you did embrace.
    But you never told me and now I stand condemned.
    I see now you never really,we’re my friend.
    You had walked in sin and darkness with me
    And when along that path,you had been set free
    When you had seen the light that all men crave
    Still you kept silent,right to my grave.
    You had the truth yet you never told me
    You left me in my prison cell,and hid from me the key.
    You called me a friend but that was not true.
    So what I now face, I give thanks to you.
    You knew my path led to a fiery end
    Yet you kept silent and still called me friend.
    We’re you afraid of offending me by telling me the truth
    Or did you really not care enough,and is this the proof.
    We’re you afraid I’d get angry and turn on you.
    Reject your message and reject you too.
    If so you cared more about yourself than me.
    You never really were my friend,I sadly now do see.
    I had a cancer and you had the cure.
    I now stand condemned,while you are secure.
    I feel forsaken,betrayed, lied to.
    Not by God my friend,but rather by you.
    God had placed you in my life,to be a friend…
    So that His word of salvation would through you extend.
    Extend to me that I too be saved.
    But you kept silent right to my fiery grave.
    You could have given witness,but you stayed silent to the end…
    So forever from hell’s flames I’ll cry…
    Thank you,thank you my so called friend.

  5. The weeping that I experience is during the day. I have been having prayer walks and I pray for the lost non-stop really. Psalm 107:14 relates that God did something for Israel that the Holy Spirit impressed on me was a really good prayer for the lost:

    “Bring them out of darkness and the shadow of death and break apart the bonds that hold them.”* I also add,
    “Turn their spiritual apathy into knowledge of You and Your Word. So that they will know what You have done
    for them and that You love them.” *(This is Amplified Bible)

    1. Oh how this dream and your words resonate in my heart!! I used to have the gift of tears but god just this week began to break forth the dam and now I hear what the Spirit is saying through these words and He reminded me of the prophetic word in the dream that were the exact same words I received 18 years ago to go- it was your time. I sense also this is so important NOW TO GO before and during this next election. Bless you dear Intercessors!! We are “one!”

      1. Thanks, Christine.
        There is really no “used to have” with a born-again, spirit-filled Christine. The gifts and calling of God are irrevocable. I have learned to trust Him with this. Really, He is the Author and Finisher of our faith and He knows how to manage it all. All glory and honor are due Him.
        However,because this is true, we are not to think we have failed to “have” a gift that He gave us in the first place. It is to be utilized according to His timetable and His plans for us.
        When Jesus gave us the perfect prayer via teaching those disciples, there was no “I” in there; only “us”! Think of the huge job He has before Him and feel the honor bestowed on us to be part of it.

        1. Thank you Marty for clarifying this to me and for this perspective. The more He reveals each day the more I’m in awe, on my knees thanking Him that He called me to the purpose and destiny He has. That He counts me in is always amazing and I do give Him all the Glory due His name! It’s been an amazing journey.

          1. Thank you, Christine,
            I tried to send a reply, but it did not send.
            I am new to this venue and not at all sure about how it works.
            I had typed quite a bit and since I have a little problem with my hand right now, I won’t try to re-type it all. All I wanted was to send you a Scripture. It is Malachi 3:16 and 17 from the Amplified Bible. I hope you can get it and that it blesses you.

  6. 2 Samuel 23 at verse 8 begins David’s Mighty men listing 1,2 and # 3 at verse 11 11 Next to him was Shammah son of Agee the Hararite. When the Philistines banded together at a place where there was a field full of lentils, Israel’s troops fled from them. 12 But Shammah took his stand in the middle of the field. He defended it and struck the Philistines down, and the Lord brought about a great victory.

    We as Prayer Warriors need to have the faith, heart, tenacity and trust in the Lord to defend this lentil field (in this case the lost souls and the Evangelists), doing what Shammah did “stand” and defend. Do not He did not defeat these enemies in his own power strength nor might it was only through the Lord.

    Lord I resonate with this dream so. Years ago the dream I had of the hands reaching out of what looked like a sea of intense flames and the voices crying why didn’t they tell me, why? And the screaming and crying was a vision and sound I still to this day cannot erase from my memory. Forgive us Lord for not stopping and talking when you Holy Spirit gave clear instruction. Let our hearts and our eyes not grow weary and faint but let us rise up as with wings on an eagle and soar to pray with out ceasing in Jesus mighty powerful name.

  7. Father – In the name of Jesus, we ask that blinders be removed from eyes and that eyes of understanding be opened. We ask the Holy Spirit to woo and draw and call people. We ask for the convicting power of the Holy Spirit to be upon people showing them their need of a savior. We thank you, Father, that your goodness brings people to repentance. We ask, according to your word, that you remove stony hearts and give hearts of flesh. We also pray that you put a new Spirit in people. Set laborers of the harvest across people’s paths. Give them ears to hear and hearts to recieve. Father, you watch over your Word to preform it. It does not return void, but it accomplishes that for which you send it and it prospers in that thing. Thank you, Father. In the mighty, powerful name of Jesus. Amen.

  8. My prayer is that God will do whatever needs to be done in the lives of those around us to convince them that His Salvation is the only thing that matters, before He comes for His Church and the Door is closed. I believe that one of the purposes of the Tribulation period is to act as a last ditch effort to save all that simply turned their back on the Truth because they thought everything would continue as it always has. “Blessed are those who see not and believe”, but these must be convinced by seeing as was Thomas. John 20:29, “Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed”. We must keep telling the Truth of the Scriptures so that they will know when they DO see. But, many in that Day will still chose to believe a Lie. We, alone stand in the gap. Pray for everyone you ever met, everyone around you…every name you can think of. God hears and He does not want them to perish. Jude 1:23, “…and others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh”. Praise God for raising up prayer warriors.

  9. I go to a new university called LIFESTYLE CHRISTIANITY UNIVERSITY in Fort Worth, Texas the ministry of Todd White, the Evangelist. It is a ministry school teaching us that we all have that gift of evangelism (as part of the five-fold ministry) and it is a lifestyle. My heart has always been stirred for discipleship but two to three years ago, God began to stir my heart toward evangelism, and that the two go hand in hand. I am 70 years old and it is never too late. Wherever you go you have opportunities to pray for people, to love on them, to bless them with buying their groceries, filling up someone’s car or truck. Buying someone a cup of coffee. Mowing someone’s lawn. The list is endless. This is being the hands and feet. Pray for your waiter/waitress and then bless them with a huge tip. This is planting seeds and also getting an opportunity to share the gospel. As you go, ask the Lord to highlight someone while you are in Walmart and go up to them, tell them Jesus loves you, and then ask them if there is anything you can pray for them. They will tell you and the you pray. You will be blessed beyond measure. I have learned so much from Todd White and His ministry school LCU. We are all called. We may not be evangelists but we can evangelize. Check out the website. He is now offering an online course, as well. Check it out.

    1. Thank you for sharing…I have been given the same passion for souls and doing of the same in my community…those people holding up signs begging for help…mostly drug money they want. But a blessing, some food and tract is all I have at this time to give them.
      I also am 73 and just now coming alive with zeal for souls like never before. All worship to Our Father Almighty to save.

    2. Be very careful of Todd White’s ministry. He calls Kenneth Copeland and Benny Hinn his spiritual fathers and he preaches a different gospel to people. It is a gospel of love he says. The cross is not about sin he has said, it is about love. Pray for discernment. No one can come to the Father without salvation and salvation comes through repentance, an agreement with God that we are sinners. It is not about “finding out that God thinks you are amazing.” and agreeing with him.

    3. Be very careful of Todd White’s ministry. He calls Kenneth Copeland and Benny Hinn his spiritual fathers and he preaches a different gospel to people. It is a gospel of love he says. The cross is not about sin he has said, it is about love. Pray for discernment. No one can come to the Father without salvation and salvation comes through repentance, an agreement with God that we are sinners. It is not about “finding out that God thinks you are amazing.” and agreeing with him.

  10. My spirit was so stirred with this word of prophecy. I believe the crowds of people in each dream are the cloud of witnesses that surround us in Hebrews 12:1. May our eyes be opened to the fields of harvest ready for reaping right where we live! Boldness and compassion arise now in the church of Jesus Christ! . I see Him on a rearing white with a sword raised in His right hand! He leads us on!! A battle cry for the lost is being released from the throne of God. Yes we must pray and act. Now is the time to awake and rise up!
    Thanks for sharing this word!!

  11. I woke up one night last week crying and praying for the Jews, and found it so interesting that Wanda woke up crying and praying. That was unusual for me. I wonder how many more intercessors are waking up crying and praying. I agree with the prayers here especially with Jerry’s prayer for the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into the harvest. Yes, Lord do that, please and use us even in our sleep to intercede for the lost in Jesus name.

  12. Amen! The scripture in Joel 2:28-32 portends a pouring out of God’s Holy Spirit in the latter days.
    Jeremiah 33:14-22 also declares a latter day work of Almighty God so powerful that literally the fruit thereof cannot be numbered (note especially Jeremiah 33:22)!
    “Yes, Dear Lord God, please hasten to raise up your “watchmen” who “shall never hold their peace day or night” till You establish, till You make Jerusalem a praise in the earth! In Jesus name we pray, amen!

  13. Interesting article. The thing that comes to my mind. Where in the Bible do Evangelist always go into Churches? We all are called not only to Evangelize but more importantly to be His Ambassadors and Witnesses to a dying world. That means we have to get out the Churches and go into the World. God is not only in a Church building. We have to get out of our Churches and come alive, share our faith. I believe the next move of God is going to be outside the Churches.

    1. I believe the evangelist was there to stir up the hearts of the body. He was exhorting people to be prayers and to evangelize as they are called. The Bible does tell us to exhort one another

      1. Sally, we all called to Evangelize. Just like the book of Acts we were told to be his witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea and all the earth.It’s high time that the Church stopped playing Church. It’s a Pagan notion to think we can put God in a building. The Bible says that not even the heavens can contain Him. We have had enough stirring up it’s time for action.

  14. I pray to the Lord of the Harvest that He would send forth laborers into the fields for they are white and ready for harvest and may each of us be aware that part of the harvest is next door as well as on the other side of the globe. Amen!

    1. Agree, Jerry. Do we pray for our neighbors? Do we ask God to show us how to be a blessing to those who live nearby? Do we care about the little children of those in our neighborhoods? I believe the dangers to children and young people in our neighborhoods would be greatly reduced if we prayed and watched over them. Can we be a friend to those in our neighborhoods, sharing the love of Jesus? We are commanded to love our neighbor, even as ourselves, which we can only do in Christ. If we love God, we must love our neighbors. Please, God, lead us by your Word and your Spirit in loving our neighbors, as you command us and graciously use us for your glory. In Jesus Name..

  15. Lord, vice boldness to those who are called and disciples who know and love tour word. And may we help identify children and teens who have this calling. Help us to help them, speaking truth in love.

  16. Wanda your report of many healings by the evangelist in your church was really awesome! I would like more information about your church and that evangelist! Is there a way to contact you besides through Facebook?

    1. Tom – The evangelist who came to visit us was Kevin Kazemi from Identity Church in Ohio. He is a part of our DOVE USA network of churches. You can find him on Facebook – tell him I sent you:-). You can follow my personal blog for more information about our church at Blessings!

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