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Transform Stockton

Meeting Location: United States
1783 Ray Wise Lane  Tracy, CA  95376
Meeting Time: Wednesday 8:30 pm

We are asking God for 10 righteous prayer warriors who will pray regularly with us for the Holy Spirit to convict the churches, their leaders and all believers in Stockton turn from everything displeasing and unprofitable to God's Kingdom and to seek Christ without reservation while serving Him with 100% obedience in all personal and public life. Praying that honesty, justice, righteousness and compassion and all the fruit of the Spirit will be evident in all Stockton believers thus fulfilling Jesus' prayer(John 17:23). The unsaved in Stockton can believe that the Father sent Jesus to save us all from eternal death if they see believers are united in Christ's unconditional love for one another and authentic in serving the most needy people as Jesus did.
March 7th, 2017 Priscilla Overgaard My prayer is for Stockton to be surrounded by the holy spirit and protected with his love. Also for those who do not know Jesus and the Holy Spirit to see him and hear Him and open the door of their hearts and let Him in to be filled with love and caring for others and turn from their wicked ways..Hear my prayer Lord.

September 8th, 2013 Dan Root We met brother Mark Smith today in Tracy who has expressed interest in being a prayer leader in Stockton. The miracle of our meeting was in the fact that the LORD gave Jenny the exact verse and text to encourage him with that he had already decided to use as his message theme in a sermon he will be delivering in Oakland next Sunday! He told us that he believes the LORD brought us together to work together in prayer for revival particularly in Stockton. We also prayed for God to heal gout in his legs and to deliver him from disfuntioning lymph glands so that he can be healthy in serving the LORD.

Pray that we will be united together with Mark as one, as the LORD leads us in recruiting other wholehearted and single-minded prayer warriors for transformation from San Francisco to Stockton.

August 14th, 2013 Dan Root A true deep-hearted revival is possible if God's servants humble themselves and pray together for Heaven's will to be done on earth! Stockton (#6 on the FBI's most violent cities list) is obviously in great need of revival beginning in the house of God and moving outward into the communities. Please pray with all the saints for an awakening unlike any that Stockton has ever known. There are a lot of strongholds, idols, principalities of darkness and mindsets against the knowledge of Christ that must be uprooted and torn down.

Even if you won't join us formally, will you please pray consistently for all of God's people and the unsaved in Stockton to experience an overwhelming conviction of sin and a personal need for godliness and deliverance from evil to save many from the judgment that must come on all the ungodly?

John 17:23

Dan and Jenny Root
Hometown Missions
Tracy, CA


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