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Transform Leesburg

Meeting Location: Church House
Church of the Holy Spirit 908 Trailview Court, Suite 200  Leesburg, VA  20175
Meeting Time: Mondays 7:15 PM

This is for a group of people who desire to see God's transforming presence come to the greater Leesburg area. We pray, learn, discuss and prepare for revival
July 12th, 2018 Ron Leonard Pray for Don and the release of His new book!
Don is releasing a new book called "People I met At The Gates Of Heaven". I know he would love to come again and share with your people!:)

Heaven Is Real and Jesus Is The Only Way,
Ron Pre Order The Book Here!

October 10th, 2015 Clancy Nixon Join in the Washington Prayer Gathering at Lincoln Memorial Monday, Columbus Day, Oct. 12. Last year we had over 3,000 people from hundreds of churches, praying for our city, repenting of our disunity and lack of care for our metro area and its poor, and connecting with each other. This year we are also bringing non-perishable food items to drop off for a Christian food bank. The meeting starts at 11:00am, but we are gathering from the Church of the Holy Spirit, Leesburg Parking Lot at 9:15 to go down together. All are welcome! We'll ride in a van or carpool to Reston metro, then to GW stop and walk to the Mall. Learn more at

October 6th, 2015 Beth LaRock Doug & Linda Abner from the Appalachian Dawn Documentary, Mon Oct 26

The Leesburg prayer group will be attending the meeting in Winchester, so there will be no meeting at Church of the Holy Spirit on the 26th.

Please start spreading the word about our upcoming conference with Doug and Linda Abner from Manchester, Kentucky. They will be here Sunday, October 25 at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., continuing on Monday and Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m. at Crossroads Community Church.

Called, "BECOMING A GOD-CENTERED CITY", these meetings will be focused on stirring our hunger for more Spiritual awakening and revival in Winchester. Doug shares out of a great passion to see believers come together to see spiritual Strongholds fall in our communities. His down-to-earth stories and real-life insights will be encouraging and practical.

We are also hosting a free pastors and spouses luncheon on Monday at 12 noon at Crossroads. Invite your pastor to come! They just have to call our church office to get on the list (540-722-4035).

You can also see the announcement posted on our Transform Winchester website for easy sharing on social media (

August 25th, 2015 m andersson Able to catch partial of Aug 12-13 Leesburg meet. Worthy and worthwhile. endeavour/inspiring. --UK

August 24th, 2015 Mark Gunderman "Spreading the Gospel" in the spirit of the Great Commandment of "love, unity and reconciliation" (Matthew 28:19-20, John 17: 20-23).

May the Body of Christ in Loudoun County remain intact, increase and be unified.

Many, many folks have been praying for revival and awakening in Loudoun County for two decades. The recent tent revival events were an opportunity to take another step closer to seeing our prayers and hopes come to fruition. The One Loudoun Church Revival was comprised of a series of praise meetings and youth rallies held August 12-14 from 7:00-9:00 pm under the tents in the fields outside of Ida Lee Park along Rt.15 Business/King Street.

These three nights have been a wonderful time of worship, prayer, preaching and a powerful unifying of the Body of Christ across denominational, ethnic and cultural lines with different local pastors and worship teams ministering each night. The objective was to introduce people to Jesus Christ and be empowered to stir the heart of the nation back to God. The desire is for churches and believers from across the county to come together in unity to glorify our Lord and for the lost to be saved.

In addition to the main tent revival services, each night a youth rally was held concurrently alongside the main revival services with youth pastors and youth bands leading the worship.

August 24th, 2015 Andrew Hawes I often think about where we started out years ago. How our fore fathers left England to leave the State church. They came to a land where they could be free to worship God in spirt an truth with out any state control. I'm really thankful for what we have, But look at all the religions we have. Denying God's truth. But he knows where we are and all the spiritual war fare that is going on. The local new testament church is God's way to reach the world. May God be first in my life,and help me continue to encourage others to come to Christ.. Andrew

June 16th, 2015 Beth LaRock
Wanda Alger posted the following message to: Transform Winchester

A team of 12 intercessors representing Loudon, Clark and Frederick Counties in Virginia, met together last night near Mt. Weather in the parking lot where the county lines meet on Route 7. In response to a directive of the Lord, we met to address sin issues on the land tied to the Native Americans who first settled in the Northern Virginia region. We repented for the misuse of political power to plunder and destroy these Indians who were the first stewards of this land. We repented for the ethnic cleansing and murder that happened in the late 1600's when political leaders seized property, massacred entire tribes, and enslaved Indian laborers. We repented for the greed and idolatry connected to the tobacco industry and the discrimination against Indians and Blacks who were enslaved and abused as workers. We repented for divisions and strife through the generations and broke unholy alliances and covenants that were forged during those foundational years in our state and region.

Having drawn symbolic representations of the 3 counties in the dirt, we then anointed the ground to bring healing and restoration. We sprinkled water to cleanse and restore the land and open up wells of revival and life. We took communion to seal our unity in the Spirit and and then blew the shofar to declare freedom in the region.

Because of these sin issues, the enemy has had a foothold to block and hinder the word of the Lord reaching its intended targets. As we responded to the directives of the Holy Spirit, we sensed that the communication lines in the Spirit were now clear for the word of the Lord to go forth. We sensed that angelic hosts were now being sent forth with messages and words that have been awaiting delivery. Just as Gabriel told Daniel that there was a battle in the heavenlies holding back God's purposes, so our prayers were now clearing the spiritual pipeline for deliveries (Daniel 10:12-14). We also felt it was significant that Mt. Weather (FEMA), a government facility, was just within a mile or two of where we prayed. Representing a strategic communications access point, we felt the Lord was clearing the spiritual airways for His voice to be heard and His Word to be received clearly and accurately. (Close by is also a historic marker indicating a local resident as the forerunner of wireless telegraphy!)

We believe the Lord is calling us to, once again, declare and release the promises and purposes that He has already decreed over our communities, counties and region. Rather than simply looking for a "new word", there is now a new level of freedom and clarity to AGREE with those prayers and promises from the past and release them again. His Word has not changed and what He has spoken will come to pass as we declare His holiness, His righteousness and His rule in our region.

Revisit those prayers from recent years and release them once again with newfound faith and hope that they will fulfill their purpose. Know that as you speak out His Word, it is going forth with new life and new authority in the Spirit. Our praises, worship and declaration of His heart, His Word and His righteousness are POWERFUL. Agreement with heaven is our greatest tool in intercession! Here are a few of the words our intercessors are releasing again:

1.VIRGINIA IS FOR LOVERS of the Lord. He is our First Love and the only one who can satisfy our unfulfilled longings. That longing for Him will overshadow every other longing and desire.

2.THE ROAR OF THE LION will be heard from Virginia as the praises of God's people soars to new heights. The unified voice of the Body of Christ will be heard in her adoration and worship of the Rightful King.

3.RIGHTEOUS RULERS are being established in the state of Virginia. He is raising up godly men and women to lead with justice and the authority of heaven.

4.UNITY AND ONENESS OF HEART is being established in the churches of Virginia.

5.TRUTH IS BEING ESTABLISHED in every sphere of culture as true believers in Jesus Christ are demonstrating the walk and talk of the kingdom.

Seek the Lord concerning the promises and decrees He has placed within you. Release them once again with a new-found faith and expectancy to see His Word fulfilled!

April 25th, 2015 m andersson Overseas political stationing now, but will keep the faith. Prayers for safe work / travel /and return requested.

April 6th, 2015 Beth Larock You are invited to join us for a special conference call next Thursday, April 9 at 1:00 p.m. (ET) with Alistair Petrie of Partnership Ministries, and Doug Abner, who is featured in the documentary An Appalachian Dawn.

The topic will be God's Presence-based community transformation.

1:00 PM (ET), 12:00 PM (CT)
11:00 AM (MT), 10:00 (PT)

Conference Call : 712-432-0075
Access Code: 1412452#

Please send questions in advance of the call to or

February 10th, 2015 Beth LaRock Would you like to hear from leaders who have experienced first-hand, what it means to prepare for, and maintain, a community-wide spiritual awakening and lasting change?

Join us at Empowering for Transformation Conference
Conference March 6-7, 2015 Leesburg, Virginia

Friday 6:30-9:00pm, Saturday 9:00 am- 5:00 pm
Free Leadership Summit: Friday 2:00-4:30

----Register now

Alistair Petrie of Partnership Ministries will be sharing fresh insights on how the Fear of the Lord helps prepare believers for an authentic and deep encounter with God's Presence as a community. Having mentored hundreds of leaders and communities around the world, Alistair shares from experience as well as rich biblical foundations. As a pastor, Doug Abner from Manchester, KY ("Appalachian Dawn"), shares from his experience in leading a community from desperation into a place of miraculous encounters and community transformation. Personal and practical, Doug makes the journey real and encourages other community leaders to persevere unto a dramatic encounter of God's presence.

Early bird rates before February 20* Hotel information on the registration page

For more information, call IFA 1-800-USA-Pray

October 30th, 2014 Beth Larock Transform Winchester team members will join us this coming Monday, November 3rd, 7:15 PM for prayer at Church of the Holy Spirit 908 Trailview, #200, Leesburg, 20175.

Please join us as we press into Jesus for our communities!

October 13th, 2014 Beth Larock Reminder: Instead of our regular Monday evening meeting, we will join the Washington Prayer Gathering at the Lincoln Memorial at 1:00 PM today!

Many churches are gathering this Columbus Day, Oct. 13, in front of the Lincoln Memorial at 1:00 pm to get on our knees to pray (2 Chronicles 7:14). We will repent of our disunity and pride as the Church of this metro region; we will repent of lack of care for the needy; and for our ineffectiveness and lack of care for our metro region.

October 9th, 2014 Rick Torrison Be encouraged, we are so excited about what God is doing in Leesburg and across Virginia as well as around the nation.

We will be launching a new Forum group through Sentinel next week where you can connect Leesburg to the global transformation message and movement. Looking forward to sharing that with you soon.

Looking forward to hearing all the Lord continues to do.

September 16th, 2014 Clancy Nixon Columbus Day Unified Prayer of Repentance on the Mall!

God is moving to unify churches in the DC metro area. In a Pastor's meeting last week, I witnessed Pastor Lon Solomon of McLean Bible Church (35,000 Sunday attendance) confess his sins of pride, disunity with other churches, and competitiveness. God got a hold of him this summer, and he has preached this same message to his church. He's calling pastors and churches to link arms across doctrinal lines to serve our city and region with the love of Jesus. Walls are tumbling down!

Many churches are gathering this Columbus Day, Oct. 13, in front of the Lincoln Memorial at 1:00pm to get on our knees to pray (2 Chronicles 7:14). We will repent of our disunity and pride as the Church of this metro region; we will repent of lack of care for the needy; and for our ineffectiveness and lack of care for our metro region.

Please pray for this new move of God and invite your networks to come! Ginger and I'll see you there.

September 16th, 2014 Beth Larock DISCOVERY WEEKEND is coming to Winchester on Oct 3 and 4 Free to all who attended the Leesburg Discovery Weekend in April, 2013!

The DISCOVERY WEEKEND is being held October 3 and 4 at Greenway Spirit & Word Fellowship in Stephens City. This will be a Friday evening and all day Saturday seminar. We have streamlined this seminar from 3 days to 2 days so that more people can attend. It's the same great material, but with new speakers, new stories and some updates on what is happening in communities currently experiencing transformation.

For general information and a list of the topics, go to our website at
For registration, go to and click on "Winchester Discovery Weekend" on the right side. When you register, enter the Promo Code "PRIORDW" and your registration fee will be waived. This is ONLY for those who attended our previous Discovery Weekend


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