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Prayers for our Grandchildren

We as Grandparents have a responsibility to our Grandkids to pray continuously for them. Lets get together and pray as a group of concerned Grandparents.
August 5th, 2019 Carol Wendt My husband and I have two lovely grandsons, 2 1/2 yrs and 3 months. Their mother and father do not attend church but have great love and are great parents for the boys. We pray for the parents to be led to know the importance of bringing them up in a Christian home. When we visit them, we invite them to join in for mealtime prayers. The oldest grandson loves to sing and join hands before we eat. I pray that will stay in his memory as we are not sure they continue mealtime prayers when we are not there. Pray for the seeds to be planted in the minds of these young sons and their parents to seek out the Lord and his kingdom.

July 4th, 2019 Doanita Simmons Please pray for my grandchildren to love the Lord Jesus with all of their hearts. Pray the Father will keep their minds clear of all of the evil bombarding them in school. They are very young and impressionable and need to be protected from the LGBTQ agenda. Pray for all of our little ones who are being indoctrinated to believe this behavior is normal. In Jesus name, Amen.

January 23rd, 2019 richard wilson Dear Lord, our grand kid's are living in dark times and need you desperately.We learn from Your world that the 'Earth is filled with the love of the Lord." -Psalm 119:64. Open our grandkid's eyes to behold your glory. Bring Your children into their lives to share the glory of Your gospel. I pray in Jesus name; Amen.

November 5th, 2018 Rhonda Smith Please pray with me for my granddaughter, their mothers grew up in a good old Southern Baptist Church, all 4 of my children did. When my 2 eldest Daughter's joined the Navy, they became involved in a cult...Worldwide Mission Society Church of God...I am heart broken, I've been praying with my pastor and his wife, and their families for 10 years and now my granddaughter are brainwashed, they believe Jesus has already come back as a Korean and his "wife" is Mother God. I don't want to spend eternity without them. Please pray with me that the scales would be removed like Paul's and that the Holy Spirit would convict the hearts of their mother's so Jesus The Way The Truth And the life will be acknowledged and accepted. And all will be saved. In Jesus Name, Amen.

October 15th, 2018 Marie Stewart Please pray for my grandchildren Tomas, Luis, Cruiz, Emily,Richie and Nathan. Please pray for peace in their household and that they will all get along with one another, and please pray also for the Father and the Mother, Richard and Nicole for wisdom on how to raise them, Gods wisdom, not theirs. Thank you so much and you all be blessed.
In Jesus, Marie

August 25th, 2018 Ming Miley Praise the Lord, Avery is almost 6 now, Addie is three yrs old. I was in Maui this week for a get away, while we in a elevator, my daughter accidently touched the emergency button, the person on the intercom asked nervously what's going on, so my daughter frantically apologized........., that caused my granddaughter little Addie to lose control, just screamed on and on, mom stooped down and explained to her. Earlier the day, while they got back from the beach, little Addie was enjoying the shower in the bathtub, dad came in and ordered her to come out, she wouldn't, dad spanked her repeatedly, that caused her to scream repeatedly too. I just pray that the dad would use understanding more to a special child like Addie, do not push her to a corner and I pray Addie would not be so easily scared, may Jesus cover her, protect her, make up for her sometimes her dad came up on her too strongly. In Jesus Name, Amen.

August 24th, 2018 Faith Henry Hello, Bob and Diana, I am so glad you started this group. THANK YOU! I have been praying for my five-year-old grandson, Jeremiah for almost two years. The Lord revealed to me that he has a prophetic call on his life, which was demonstrated at an early age with his wisdom that is way beyond his age. I began training him up to cultivate his gift, but his mom (my daughter), linked up with an atheist and has walked away from the faith. She is now refusing to allow me to teach him about Jesus or take him to church with me. He misses church and learning about Jesus. I sneek the word to him by listening to worship songs in the car and I leave my Bible on the back seat for him, which he will pick up and 'read' on his own. He loves worship and the Bible games I download for him on my phone. Please pray that God will touch my daughter's heart and that little Jeremiah and my new grandson Khari (Car'ree), will be able to attend children's church and worship again with his mom and grandmother. Thank you.

May 7th, 2018 Ming Miley My daughter Grace is pregnant with her fourth child--a boy. May the Lord protect this pregnancy to it's fulfillment. and may the Lord bless mom and child, bless this child with Your wisdom and health and with Your good will for his life to be done. In Jesus Name, amen./ My other daughter Ann and two of her daughters they all having cold at home, coughing, but they enjoyed loving each other playing tea party today at home, I'm happy for them---make a do in a difficult time like illness.Jesus bless them, make them heal in no time.protect dad so he doesn't get it.and heal mom's kidney( mom got slight kidney impairment) in Jesus Name I ask, Amen.

May 7th, 2018 Ming Miley The reason I prayed the prayers on Oct30,17 was because i saw somewhere somebody's posts kept urging people to contact certain prophets who claimed they could bring people together with their dreamed opposite sex, that's why I prayed for people not to be pulled by them, and that's why I prayed for Blood of Christ to cover this site. But looking back this site apparently is not the site where I read those posts, i didn't know how my prayers landed here. I apologize.

May 4th, 2018 Francine Lanier I'm pray for my grandsons constantly, they are rebellious and mean tempered, they talk back and the 18 year old threaten his mother and father so I 'his grandmother took him in. He has a chance to go into the Job Corp and I am worried that he will not bend to they're rules. Please help me to pray that he will be the man that I know that he can be and please help me to pray that he stays and not run away. We love these boys and we only want whats best for them but they make it so hard for us. Please guide us in our prayers for them. Teach us how to pray for them.

October 31st, 2017 Ming Miley May the BLOOD OF JESUS cover this site,in JESUS name,Amen.

October 31st, 2017 Ming Miley As far as I know JESUS is the real healer. Anybody or anything does not glorify Jesus and put glory on themselves is a false prophet. Be aware brother and sisters!

March 2nd, 2017 Sandra Harvey I would like to ask you all to be in prayer for my granddaughters (their ages are 3,2,1) who I am not allowed to see, my heart is broken. They have been affected by divorce, Their parents are not saved. Their names are Braelynn, Chloe, and Toni. I appreciate you all praying.


In the name of Jesus, I lift up each of these grandchildren that are named in this group and all over the world. I pray God that if they do not know you and are at an age of understanding that you would put people in their lives that have an upright relationship with you; that can minister to them and that they would come to accept you as their personal Lord and Savior. I pray God that you would put a hedge of protection around each and everyone of these little ones. Protect them from the enemy and draw them close to you. Help them to hear the truth and come to a knowledge of the truth, Your word is truth LORD. Guide their footsteps, heal the broken hearts of these innocent children that are affected by abuse, divorce, neglect or abandonment issues. Father, help them to see and know that You are good and your love for them is vast. I pray God that they would know your love, the height, the depth, the width and be rooted and grounded in it. Heal the broken families that do not have contact with each other and reunite them and give them peace in the midst of the trials and afflictions. We give you all the praise, the honor, and the Glory. In your Holy name, Amen.

June 25th, 2016 Ming Miley My name is Ming Miley,glad to come to this group.I pray for my grand daughters:My daughter Grace has three girls--Genesis,Allie and harmony,ages 6,4 and 1,they gonna move back to Olympia WA on June 29,May the Lord bless their packing ,moving and the living in WA state again,bless my son in law's new job and help mom's future choosing of good schools for them.thank you Lord.

And also pray for my other daughter Ann's two little ones:Avery three and half,Addie 14 months little.Mom is a teacher coordinator,right now is enjoying the kids during the summer time.May the Lord bless Avery spiritually,intellegently and she is going to preschool in Sep ,may You build up their family's faith in You.The baby is really cute,may the Lord protect her and keep her from all harm.Thank You Father,in Jesus name I ask,Amen. and thank you for listening.

June 7th, 2016 christine glaeser Yes I'm in Agreement w supporting all our grand children in prayer in this group . I am a grandma of one grand daughter her name is Sidney she will be 20 in November . would love for you to pray we can have a closer richer communication w Jesus and w us as her grandparents . Sidney is in an out of state college and at end of her freshman year , grade point average was 4.0 . We are very proud of her . She is home for summer break from college . Sidney is an Amazing grand daughter . Sidney's is working while home too . Grateful
For your Blessed prayers Gods Holy Angelic Protection
All around Sidney while working and driving inside and outside her car and everywhere she steps that Jesus holds her tight and loves on her and sends only GodsInfluenced messengers across her pathway and Holy God Angels always protecting her. Sidney acquires a Hunger for God every moment of her days here on earth
Sidney seeks out you deeply and seeks out a place where Sidney can worship and hunger get into your Holy Word
That when Sidney returns to college in auburn Alabama that Sidney and her friends seek out deeply for a church home of worship and get connected deeply w Jesus . That Sidney would become a deep granddaughter of prayer and be a strong Christ Leader leading others of her age to Christ
May Sidney Shine for Jesus on her auburn college campus and find a God Bible Campus group that she would love even more than soroiety groups . Change her desires for PARTYS to Jesus Party bringing in souls God influenced friends would come along beside her love her into Jesus Loving arms . Get involved w Jesus out reaches that Sidney would always have HUMUNGUS GOD ANGELS HANGING OUT W HER EVERY STEP SHE STEPS ON COLLEGE CAMPUS . AND SHE AND HER GOD FRIENDS WOULD WALK IN TWOS OR MORE TOGETHER ALL THE TIME ANYWAYS GRATEFUL FOR ALL OF US GRANDPARENTS STANDING TOGETHER IN HIS STRENGTH PRAYING WITHOUT CEASING IN ONE ACCORD W JESUS . GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU GRAND PARENTS . AMEN


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