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Remnant Arisers

Prophetic group providing guidance, prayer focus, and direction for the arising remnant, remnant warriors, and revelation walkers, as we pray through earthly chaos, seek God's will, and establish doorways to bring people to Christ.
March 29th, 2019 Regina Heir Hi I'm new to this group would like prayer and proohetic guidance

January 15th, 2019 BRIAN L NICHOLS "The sky is FULL of PENTECOST(s), but who is willing to pay the price for it." - Frank Bartleman
Who in the cities of NASHVILLE, CLEVELAND, PHOENIX/TUCSON, DETROIT, LOUISVILLE, have set themselves to URGENTLY pray/intercede before God, for a PENTECOST in their HOME, COMMUNITY, CITY?
This is for a GREATER realization of God the Father and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and for the duplicated manifestation of the promise of the Father revealed on the day of Pentecost, THE HOLY GHOST - Acts 2.
If you know of anyone, I'd like to be introduced to, connected with, those who are diligently and actively engaged in such prayer and intercession; I WANT TO PRAY WITH THEM.
These efforts represent the preemptive stages of external evangelism in these respective cities - to start; also designed to DRIVE the call, the invitation, to repentance and turning.

February 26th, 2018 Rebecca Shepard Hi, from North Carolina! New to group.

February 11th, 2018 Jerry Ferguson Linda: Thank you for your transparency. I made a comment to some this week that it was evident that God is working. The person to whom I said this, responded: "Yes! From pre-Genesis thru post-Revelation!" God can always be trusted!

February 11th, 2018 jane thomas please pray for all my children to have a personal relationship with Jesus, to return to the their love of Jesus and know His truth. Also please pray that Kyle would give his children ( our grandchildren ) a strong Christian foundation with a deep love for our Savior Jesus.

February 11th, 2018 Linda Cortright God is moving tremendously right now. I can feel that an explosion is about to happen. All Heaven is about to break loose. About three weeks ago on January 21st, I awoke at 3:00 a.m., wide awake and just full of incredible energy. I got up and walked through the house into the kitchen. The next thing I knew I was taking apart my gas range and scouring and scrubbing and cleaning and polishing it. As I was doing this I thought “This is crazy. Who gets up at 3:00 a.m. and suddenly has this frenzy to clean up a stove? It’s like stories of pregnant women who just before they are about to give birth, suddenly have the need to spring clean their house from top to bottom.” As I thought on that I became certain that what I was experiencing was a physical manifestation of something occurring in the spiritual realm. I was about ready to give birth! All the dreams I’ve shared with you about being ready to give birth, were now manifesting in the physical dimension!

While I was experiencing this, what I was seeing in the physical realm was that suddenly everything had come to a standstill. The last three weeks have been very “quiet” – no meetings, no rushing here or there. The flurry of connections and doors opening that had my head swimming at the awesomeness of God, suddenly came to a standstill. I heard the Lord say “Don’t be afraid of the calm.” If you have been experiencing this, it is simply the eye of the hurricane and the period is very short. Look for all Heaven to break loose in the coming weeks.

Last week I felt the Holy Spirit calling me to take certain actions, one of which was to take communion every morning for this past week. This is perhaps the 3rd time in my life that I have been led to do this, and every time has preceded an avalanche of incredible moments of God moving in my life.

Last week I also awoke several times in the middle of the night and felt compelled to pray the Lord’s Prayer. Yesterday I randomly came across a video clip of a talk Chuck Pierce gave to Charisma Magazine. I practically jumped out of my chair when in the middle of sharing he said “Start praying the Lord’s Prayer . . . power is in the Lord’s Prayer.” A confirmation that we need to be doing this!

A couple of days ago, I also came across a video clip (note that I never watch video clips so watching two in the same week was divine direction). It was a video clip from Prophetic TV in which Steve Schultz of Elijah List was interviewing a woman named Fiorella Giordeno. She spoke about how, as now, in 2011 God had been moving toward this great release of wealth, repositioning and fulfillment of covenant promises, and suddenly the Lord told her that there would be personal delay and generational delay, but it would be followed by an acceleration to come that would bring us back to the point of this great release. If you’ve read my posts for some time, then you know that I’ve shared of my own personal experience of knowing I was on the brink of the release of wealth and my personal promise in July, 2011 and was then suddenly told that I would have to wait five more years. And you know I’ve also shared about the incredible acceleration that we subsequently then went through which I believe was not just an acceleration of events and positioning but an actual jumping over of events that were to have occurred, but that God “jumped” us over those events to bring us quickly to the point we are at now. I always thought I had to wait because I wasn’t ready or there was some fault found in me. Almost 8 years later, I now know it was part of God’s plan, and EVERYONE experienced personal and generational delays in the release of their covenant promises. Good grief! Why do we buy into the lies of the devil that we are somehow lacking or not “good enough?” It negates everything Christ did on the cross!

You know that I have spoken about being the fourth generation and the correlation between how God used my great-great grandfather in establishing a church, school and library and how God is using me. Many have shared that the Hebraic year we are in, 5778, is a year of doors, gates, angels, wealth and war. On February 3rd, Chuck Pierce expanded on this. He wrote “We are living in the Hebraic year 5778 (5000+700+70+8). You can find a better understanding of the season we are living in by looking at the Hebraic understanding of the number 70. 70 means that your bloodline has completed a generational life cycle. This number is also linked with breaking out of captivity. This means you have endured being who you are, but now you will finish that season strong and enter into how you will represent Him and who you will become. The captivity in your bloodline that has held you from expressing the fullness of who He made you to be, is broken.” Another confirmation that God is doing something generationally. I also read a post recently from another prophetic voice which specifically stated it is the fourth generation. Wow! I’m tired of being just a shadow of who God made me to be. I’m ready to walk into my new identity and start becoming who He made me to be!

There have been other confirmations as well. I mentioned in one of my posts that it looked like I would not be in the “limelight” but that God would be moving me behind the scenes. Shortly afterward someone posted on Elijah List and used the same word, “limelight”, stating that not everyone would be in the limelight but that some would be called to work behind the scenes.

It is important to keep our eyes and ears open to how God is moving right now and what He is calling us to do. I hope some of these examples that I have shared will help you to look for those God moments and confirmations in your own life.

It is time to step into our new identities. I would suggest:
1. Take communion every morning for the next week and reconfirm your personal covenant with God.
2. Pray the Lord’s Prayer.
3. Pull out your scrolls and issue your decrees again. We must press to be more than we think we can be, and actively engage in pursuing our new identity. We cannot be content to sit back and watch God move.
4. Enter into the 21-days of preparation that Chuck Pierce is posting. (Days 1-8 posted Feb. 3; days 9-16 posted Feb. 11, both on the Elijah List website). Also read “Step Into Your New Destiny!” posted by Bill Lackie Feb. 6 on Elijah List. These have been personally helpful to me.

If God is working miracles in your life, please share on this prayer website. In my last post I mentioned a letter I sent out to an individual that came up in conversation 3 times and that was confirmed to me in a dream that I needed to reach out to them even though I had no contact with them in over 20 years. Well, that involved bringing a hotel into my development project. I honestly didn’t expect to receive a response to my letter it was so far-reaching to a very distant contact in another state. Within three days of mailing out the letter, they called me. Not only were they interested in bringing a hotel into the area, I learned that they had recently been in Prescott looking at some potential hotel sites. In fact, the three days that God brought them into my random conversations were the same three days they were in Prescott!

I was talking to God about it and I said “Lord, I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m just trying to hear you as best as I can and then step out in faith to do what you ask.” As I prayed that, I immediately thought of my personal scripture. I’ve mentioned it many times. Isaiah 6:8 “And I heard the voice of the Lord saying who shall we send and who will go for us and I said Here am I, send me.” I suddenly realized that my personal scripture was a reflection of my current walk with the Lord. Here I am Lord, what do you want me to do? Send me out. Walking into this new identity and new season means that every morning I ask the Lord, “What do you want me to do today?” I hope that you are doing the same.

December 30th, 2017 Linda Cortright Dear friends, just a quick prayer request. The land owner has contacted me and expressed interest in my development project - particularly bringing a bible college into our town. I have been asked to do a presentation before their governing Board on January 15th. Please be in prayer for me as I prepare for the presentation, that Holy Spirit will guide me in what to say, what to present, and how to make the presentation. As some of you may know there have been many prophetic voices going back many years that have spoken that revival will start in Arizona in Prescott, because it was the original state capital. While this project is in Prescott Valley, it is still in the Prescott area. If you have been following my posts for some time then you know that I have shared my vision of certain key states chosen for revival, of which Arizona is one. And that I see the four corners of the state coming together in one large massive, centralized, state-wide revival. Those I have spoken with regarding this development project have all stated that bringing in a bible college will be the key to the entire project. Prescott may be known as "Christmas City", but Prescott Valley will be known as "Christian City", a town known for its small town atmosphere and dedication to family and family values with an emphasis on Christian education, conferences, and the Christian library making a vast amount of material available at no cost. I can't speak as to where God is going with this, all I can do is be open to His will and watch to see where He takes this and how it manifests. I can see that the baby is birthed. I just can't see what it is going to grow up to look like. Thank you so much for your prayers not only for me, but for the coming revival.

December 16th, 2017 Gayla Stahl

December 16th, 2017 Jerry Ferguson Thank you, Linda, for sharing so personally and also providing Godly counsel for those who follow you and pray for you. God is definitely at work and His will cannot be thwarted. Thanks for staying faithful. God bless and have a Merry Christmas!

December 15th, 2017 Linda Cortright 12/15/17
My dear friends and prayer partners. I felt that it was time to post again as God is getting ready to release more “Wow God” moments into our lives. There was that light vibrancy in the Spirit that started a couple of weeks ago; that sense of knowing accompanied by a feeling of anticipation like a symphony with the first strains of a violin, that is becoming stronger and more vibrant as we approach the crescendo and the release of this next wave of God moments in our lives.

Hebrews 6:13-20 is on my heart this morning. From the NKJ version:

For when God made a promise to Abraham, because He could swear by no one greater, He swore by Himself, saying “Surely blessing I will bless you, and multiplying I will multiply you.” And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise. For men indeed swear by the greater, and an oath for confirmation is for them an end of all dispute. Thus God, determining to sow more abundantly to the heirs of promise the immutability of His counsel, confirmed it by an oath, that by two immutable things, in which it is impossible for God to lie, we might have strong consolation who have fled for refuge to lay hold of the hope set before us. This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the Presence behind the veil, where the forerunner has entered for us, even Jesus, having become High Priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek.

Apply those words to your situation today. Those of you who have entered into a personal covenant with God who know unquestioningly what you have been called to do; those of you who are part of the group that have been allowed to see the treasury room in heaven; and to everyone whom God in His infinite love is pouring forth into your life – another wave of release is coming.

I have had 4 very vivid dreams over the past week. The first dream was very long and symbolic. When I awoke I could immediately interpret the symbolism and that there were four distinct parts to the dream with each part representing an area in my life in which I was struggling. The first part was an awareness of something coming that I needed to share. The second part involved discovering that people I thought were friends and prayer partners were undermining me and using what God was doing for their own personal gain (remember in a previous posting I warned to be watchful of wolves in sheep’s clothing). The third part was supernatural protection and supernatural strength to overcome the enemy (so don’t be concerned about your un-friends as God will deal with that situation. Consider also that this might be a false perception planted by the devil so don’t be too quick to judge. They may truly be working on your behalf. Ultimately God’s plans will prevail and He will use them according to His purpose regardless of their true intent). The fourth part represented a firm grounding in God’s promises and ability to do the impossible and what He has promised to do, combined with a frustration and fear of not having the experience and knowledge to navigate through those promises in the physical world. It’s the not knowing what you are doing and being completely reliant on God for each step combined with the frustration of those periods of not hearing or seeing what He wants you to do next and waiting for the certainty and confirmations of what you need to do.

In the second dream I was walking through my home and thanking God for all His blessings when I walked into one particular room and was immediately overcome by the intensity of a demonic presence I felt in the room. At the point I was ready to flee from the room, I suddenly shouted out “The babies are not dead!” The Lord then showed me that the enemy was aggressively coming against us but that the babies - His promises to us - aren’t dead. Of note in my dream is that I did not shout out “MY babies are not dead.” I shouted out “THE babies are not dead.” All our promises are not dead. They are just now birthed into the physical world and starting to grow. Rather than be fearful, we need to shout at the devil that our promises are not dead!

I think that’s a word that we all need to hear. The devil is wanting to discourage us but God is working behind the scenes. Open your eyes and look into your situation. At some level, blessings are starting to come and promises being answered. They probably don’t look like what you envisioned, yet the answer is there.

I have an acquaintance who has had a small theater where he has a local theater group with adult plays and children’s theater. For over 15 years he has dreamed of a larger performing arts center. I attended his ground breaking ceremony a few weeks ago for the construction of his new performing arts center. His promise is being birthed.

I have a friend who is on the Board of a local developer who began a planned community 20 years ago that while it thrived was never completely built out to its initial vision. A substantial roadblock which has blocked completion of the project for years, was recently removed and the vision he had for his family and his children and grandchildren is moving to completion. It’s not without angst or opposition, but the completion of that dream is being birthed.

I also have a friend who is running for the AZ House of Representatives. She was just named ADOT’s Woman of the Year. All the doors for her campaign are opening one by one. Here is yet another person who is walking into the place they believe God has called them to. Doors are opening and her dream is being birthed.

What are your dreams? Is it restoration of family or friendships? Is it achieving goals in your career that put you in a position to bring Godly change? Perhaps you are called to intercession and watching for those God moments when He shows you people to pray and intercede for. Perhaps, like my neighbor, you have a heart for people and are there to fix everything that gets broken from their hearts, to their oven, to floor repairs, to plumbing needs, without any thought for compensation. Dreams come in all shapes and sizes and the covenant you make to do His will is neither larger nor smaller than anyone else’s. It’s perfection lies in your willingness to step out as God leads to bring your promise into fulfillment and the knowledge that God not only wants His best for you, but that He knows exactly what will make you happy and bring peace and happiness into your life. You will walk in the joy of the Lord.

The third dream was personal to me and revealed a specific course of action that God wanted me to take. In the dream a specific individual wanted to meet with me and I immediately panicked and tried to avoid the encounter. In the dream, God then revealed to me why I needed to make the contact and what His plan was and with that assurance, in the dream, I then arranged to meet with this person. God used the dream to give me a specific instruction to reach out to this person. Interestingly, I haven’t had much contact with this person over the years and haven’t even thought about them in years. Suddenly in the last week they’ve randomly come up three times in different conversations. The third time it occurred, I began asking God if this was from Him. The dream was that answer that He wants me to contact them. Don’t ignore your dreams and visions. Keep posting them to your dream journal. What God is showing you might not be immediately apparent but the answer will come. You may go months without recalling a dream and then suddenly you have dreams that are so vivid you can recall every detail upon waking. Reflect on those dreams. Journal them. God is revealing something to you.

I had the 4th dream last night. In this dream I drove into a typical office building parking lot. There was a security guard in the lot and I knew I was there to register with him. I was going to have a baby and it was necessary that I register my birth information (what I wanted my baby to look like) with him before I could give birth. The scene then began to repeat itself except that this time I had already given birth to my first baby and I was here to register the upcoming birth of my next baby. This time I drove past the first guard and straight up to the office building where there was another guard. I went past the second guard intending to go directly into the building to register, but the second guard came after me and told me I was required to register with him. I woke up knowing that my second baby was ready to birth.

I’m not quite sure what the two security guards represent as I believe the building represents Christ. It may be that they represent angels and that we need to be working with the angels (that would be in prayer with our prayers empowering them to move forward). Honestly, however, my dreams are usually easily interpreted on their surface without going to that level of discernment so perhaps their significance is still to be revealed. The babies are of course my promises (and yours). The birth of my first baby occurred with the rapid acceleration and opening of doors that allowed me (in the span of just two weeks) to meet with the Mayor, Vice-Mayor, Community Development Director and the property owner with regard to the development project that God put on my heart so long ago. There is another “Wow God” moment coming. I can feel it in my spirit. It started softly a few weeks ago and now it is a strong pulse waiting to burst forth. A second release of Wow God moments is about to be released. It’s not only anticipating seeing the next steps in the birth of our promises, but it’s the anticipation of seeing how God is doing it. I’ve already had one of the things I asked for in my scroll released to me and the form it came in was so bizarre and outside the box that every time I think of it, I laugh in sheer delight at how God moved the situation and circumstances that birthed that particular promise.

As you know, I’ve always believed that I would come into millions of dollars to build out the development project but I’m having to let loose of that for two reasons – the first is that as I’m seeing God move it is completely unexpected and outside the box, and the second is that as I have learned about my family genealogy, my maternal blood line has been successful people who have been given control over other people’s wealth to effect change. And, of course, my great-great grandfather who oversaw the funding and development of his town’s first library, school, and church. Particularly with the library, he had control over millions of dollars specifically bequeathed for construction of the library.

There was also a prophetic word given over me (by a stranger) about 4 years ago that I was “a leader over leaders.” Although I had never thought about it, the word was uncannily accurate in that I while I have never held high level positions of leadership, I have always been the one interacting with and moving leadership in various directions – the woman behind the scenes that CEO’s and division and departmental leaders would come to and ask advice about pursuing a particular direction. It’s beginning to look like I may again be the woman behind the scenes working with the Mayor, Town Council, property owner, developers and utilizing the funds of others, to bring this development into reality. Yes, it would be nice to be in the limelight for once, or to have the funds to just go buy the land and build out the project myself, but honestly, I’m just giddy waiting to see how God will move next because it won’t be anything I’m expecting.

Well, my friends, this posting was a lot of personal sharing. What is important and that I hope you take away from this and reflect on is:

1. Your promise has already birthed into the physical world. Even if you haven’t recognized it, there will be a point when you look back and say “Yes, that was the moment it was birthed.”

2. There is a second birth coming very soon. God is getting ready to grow your promise most likely in a way that you haven’t envisioned or anticipated.

3. Don’t be discouraged. The enemy has been very actively seeding discouragement and a sense that what you have experienced is false hope. Should out “The baby is not dead!”

4. Read Hebrews 6:16-20. Wait patiently and endure. God always keeps His promises. He cannot lie.

5. If your promise is truly based on your personal covenant with God, and He is in it, then no matter how you are perceived, what your abilities or inabilities are, or what the circumstances look like now, your promise will be fulfilled!

Blessings and Merry Christmas to all of you!
Linda Cortright

September 13th, 2017 Linda Cortright Hi Everyone. When I last posted in May we had been repositioned and reassigned. I encouraged you to stand strong in the place you were positioned and not to be discouraged. During June, July and August God has been working with each of us individually to prepare us for the coming release of His promises. For me it was a call to a new relationship with God and to know who He truly is.

As we move through September the word is that more than being obedient and walking in faith, there must be complete trust that God will do what He has promised you He will do. Many have fallen away and lost their faith. Like my dream of the Thanksgiving dinner. The guests arrived just as the turkey went into the oven. By the time it was ready to serve they had all grown weary of waiting and left. They missed out on the feast. Those who have stood strong in their faith, have had their trust tested. Trust is different from faith. Faith is believing in the impossible. Trust goes beyond faith. It is a complete letting go of self-reliance and putting yourself in God’s hands. You can have unwavering faith to believe that eventually God will do what He has promised, but do you have the trust to turn everything in your life over to Him? With complete trust there is no fear. What you see in the physical world does not impact you because there is complete trust in God to do what He has promised to do and that His timing will be perfect.

I thought I was walking in obedience and faith. I've been studying the names of God to truly know who He is. I thought I was trusting in God. In the physical world I’ve been looking at a situation where, after 3 years, I might have to go back to work next year and take a full time job. I’ve watched various circumstances cause our supply to dwindle but I thought I was standing in faith and truly not concerned. Yet lately I began to question whether God would have me go back to work for a time before He released His promises to me. I mean, what if I wasn’t hearing Him correctly? I rationalized that I wasn't doubting God, only myself. Subconsciously I began to form a backup plan. I say subconsciously because it was only last week that I realized I was relying on myself to create a backup plan; that day I opened a doorway to a job that I could step into if I needed to.

Immediately when I opened that doorway, Holy Spirit showed me I had made a physical representation of lack of trust in God. The very next day a friend of mine gave me a new devotional “Jesus Calling”. That same night I had a dream. It was a long dream, but when I awoke only one central piece of the dream stayed with me and was very pronounced. In the dream, Mike and I were standing on a road. There was something that needed attention and I told him to go ahead and handle it and I would continue on myself. I was pushing a shopping cart full of groceries and I knew I was on the wrong road. I was in the right spot but I needed to be on a parallel road. There were houses between the road I was on and the road I needed to be on. I couldn’t see any connecting streets and I had to continue down the road I was on for a long way before there was a connecting road that took me to the road I needed to be on and then I had to backtrack to get back parallel to where I had been. Even though I was pushing a shopping cart, the road I was on sloped downhill and was easy to get to the connecting street although I knew in my mind that meant when I got over to the right road, I would have to go uphill to get back to where I needed to be. As I recalled the dream, I realized this was the same dream I had a few days earlier that I couldn’t remember when I awoke. This time the dream had my full attention.

I struggled to understand the dream. At the time I couldn’t seem to get any meaning out of it. I mentally set aside the dream, rolled my hair, got under the hair dryer, and picked up the new devotional. Immediately I read:

Walk with me along paths of trust. The most direct route between point A and point B on your life journey is the path of unwavering trust in Me. When your faith falters, you choose a trail that meanders and takes you well out of your way. You will get to point B eventually, but you will have lost precious time and energy. As soon as you realize you have wandered from your trust-path, look to Me and whisper “I trust You Jesus.” This affirmation will help you get back on track. The farther you roam along paths of unbelief, the harder it is to remember that I am with you. Anxious thoughts branch off in all directions, taking you farther and farther from awareness of My presence. You need to voice your trust in Me frequently. This simple act of faith will keep you walking along straight paths with Me. Trust in Me with all your heart, and I will make your paths straight.

Isaiah 26:4; Psalm 9:10; Psalm 25:4-5; Proverbs 3:5-6

“Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young, September 9th entry, pg. 264.

Well, Holy Spirit definitely showed me that by trying to control my life, instead of believing in faith and trusting that God would do all that He promised me, I was starting down a path of delay. I spent the entire day asking God for forgiveness for my lack of faith and trust, and just worried that I had created a delay by my unbelief. Even so, I was awed that once again God was quick to keep me on the right track. Like the one lost sheep, He again brought me back to where I needed to be.

The following day Holy Spirit gave me a vision in which I again saw myself on the wrong road wanting to get over to the right road, except this time I saw a wide alley between the houses connecting the two roads and I knew I could take the alley directly to where I needed to be. Later in the day I had another vision and I saw myself walking down the alley. In that vision I was making good progress and was already halfway down the alley. It was an affirmation that my lapse of faith and trust had not caused a delay in God’s promises to me. In fact, for those of you who have followed my call to build a Christian Center, I can share that God has now opened another door and a meeting is being scheduled with my town’s Mayor to discuss the development project.

We are closer than we have ever been to seeing the fulfillment of our personal promises. I felt it was important to share this that you might continue to hold tight to your faith and to trust in God. Don’t try to manipulate your circumstances; it will only cause you delay. Continue to stand strong in faith and trust. September is a month for prayer and intercession. Pray for your promises. Speak them out loud. It will empower the angels to move forward on your behalf.

Linda Cortright

May 8th, 2017 jane thomas This is wonderful Linda,
very encouraging , especially the Stand Strong, Don't give up and do not be afraid.

May 7th, 2017 Linda Cortright Wow! The last two months have been a time of intense warfare. God has been breaking the seals off our scrolls and moving forward to fulfill His promises to us. The backlash from the enemy has been intense. The enemy does not like our re-positioning and the new places God has taken us. He wants us to be so discouraged that we step out of alignment with our positioning. If we lose our alignment we won’t be where we need to be to receive our blessings. Stand strong! Don’t give up!

The Lord has been showing me in a series of dreams recently that He is going to take us above our current situations and remove us beyond them. What has been interesting is that the dreams have not been about going through the situations but about raising us high above our situation and taking us to a new place. The short version of my last dream was that I was on the side of a mountain and suddenly found myself surrounded by lava. As I turned around I saw that there was nowhere for me to go. The lava had completely surrounded me. There was nothing near me except a lone, branchless, dead tree that was many hundreds of feet tall. In my dream, the Lord spoke to me and told me to climb the tree. I thought, I will still die because the lava will just burn the tree and knock it over into the lava. But I climbed the tree and as I reached the top, the tree began to fall. I heard the Lord speak again and say “Do not be afraid.” As the tree fell I was thrown from the tree and far away from the lava flow to a place of safety. I got up, brushed myself off and began walking away from the lava. I didn’t have to walk through the situation. I was taken above it and moved to a place of safety.

I believe that is what God is saying to all of us right now. I’ve re-positioned you and placed you where you need to be. You may be going through a time of warfare, but I will take you above your situation, and I will move you to a place of safety. I like knowing that we don’t have to walk through our current situations. We just have to watch to see how God takes us above them and moves us to a place of safety.

I was called to prayer at 3:00 a.m. this morning. At one point I heard “Tell my children, you are larger than your situation.” I immediately questioned the word “larger”. Larger than our situation? At the same time I had a vision of David and Goliath, but it was exaggerated in that David was very, very tiny and Goliath was 20 ft. tall. As I saw the vision I also understood that I was being shown that part of our current battle is in our perception of our situation. We see ourselves as small, insignificant and hopelessly defeated as we face the Goliath we are struggling against, that is huge. The devil is exaggerating our perceptions. We are not as small and defeated as the enemy would have us believe. For some of us, our Goliath truly may be huge, but for many of us it is not as huge as the devil would have us believe. The devil is good at magnifying things out of proportion. We are larger than our situation.

More than any time before, you are positioned in this world where you are called to be for this now time. Whatever circumstances come against you, don’t step out of that alignment. Your call, your purpose and your placement are ordained by the Most High, not in the minds of man. Stand strong! Don’t give up! Don’t move out of alignment! God is about to raise you above your situation to a place of safety. For some of you that will also include another promotion to a new place. Some of you are not in your final position just yet. Your current position will catapult you into your final position. Don’t let the enemy move you out of position. Stay in alignment where God has placed you. Don't be discouraged. God has not stopped moving. You will begin to see things start to manifest soon now.

March 12th, 2017 Linda Cortright Dear Waiting Ones:

In my January 19th posting I mentioned briefly about Jesus taking me to the Treasury Room. This morning I read a word from Dr. Theresa Phillips (March 11, 2017 Elijah List) in which she too was taken to the Treasury Room in Heaven. There were many similarities. In her visit, the door to the Treasury Room was only partially open and she looked through a crack in the door. In my visit, the door was already wide open when I arrived. Like my visit, she saw gems, silver and gold, but additionally she saw perfume bottles, plates, cups and furniture, cars, planes, trains and boats all in gold. As in my visit where as I looked in the room it became immeasurably vast, she too comments on how vast it was. She writes that she stood very still in the door but did not go in. She had been invited just to see. That mirrors my visit in that I too stood in the doorway and did not go in, and I too was invited just to look.

At this point our accounts diverge because they are our individual responses to what we were shown. She was overwhelmed by the staggering amount of bounty she saw. She was asked if she would like to receive any of it. Her eyes immediately said “yes”, but she was then concerned whether she had answered wrongly. Bowing her head, she asked for the wisdom to get it.

In my visit, there was no shock or awe. I merely accepted what I saw. I knew that the release was coming and a portion had already been allocated to me. I was admonished to not try to quantify what I was being shown because the Treasury is endless.

Earlier this week I had an opportunity to be home alone for an evening and I used part of that time to speak out loudly my decrees for release of my land and spiritual inheritance. I decreed an end to broken covenants running with the land and with my bloodline. As I spoke boldly into the atmosphere Holy Spirit began to guide my prayers and I reaffirmed my personal covenant with God, that I would not break covenant with Him, that I would go where He wanted me to go, do what He wanted me to do, and say the things He wanted me to say. It was my Isaiah 6:8 prayer. That is my personal scripture given to me 25 years ago and it is also the license plate on a car I have had for 17 years that came to me in a Wow God moment.

I want to share now what Dr. Teresa Phillips wrote she was told during her visit to the Treasury Room.

“. . . many of you are about to see this vast treasury. Many will actually take some back with them. This is the beginning of many visitations I am releasing to the below. I will summon those whom I can trust to come and share the same glimpses of these treasures that I have in store for my people.”

Theresa goes on to say “But the Spirit spoke to me and said, “Repeat after Me: ‘Here am I Lord, send me.” Then I did this! Isaiah 6:8, “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’ And I said, ‘Here am I. Send me!”

She received the same word that Holy Spirit led me to pray after my visit.

Last night in my prayer time I kept meditating on both our visits to the Treasury Room. As I was praying I found myself again being pulled up to Heaven. I arrived in the meadow outside the mountain of God and it was full of activity. There were pairs of white horses harnessed to large wagons piled full of gold and silver, chalices and silks and all the things I had seen in the Treasury Room. Angels sat on the wagons with the reins in their hands. I saw a long line of angels coming from the mountain of God and they were carrying items from the Treasury and loading them in the wagons. I knew each wagon was for a specific person. I glanced to my right and I was shocked to see a motorcycle sitting in one wagon on top of all the gold and silver. There were so many wagons the meadow was completely filled. As I looked up I found myself in the stars and I watched as the wagons in the meadow were fully loaded they joined even more wagons already waiting in the stars. At the head of the wagons Jesus stood in a golden sort of chariot and wagon combined that was filled with gold. The chariot shone with a brilliant light. As I looked at it I knew that it held kingdom wealth and that Jesus would be distributing it personally. Then I saw an opening in the constellations and I saw the lips of God speaking over everything that was taking place. He said to me “Tell them it is coming.”

Theresa also was told during her visit to the Treasury Room “The answer is in the Presence, Theresa. Stay in the Presence. Tell them to stay in My Presence. I am doing this,” says the Lord.

I wonder how many people will be shown the Treasury Room. How will each person respond? We are being shown what is available. We need to stay in God’s presence to receive it.

February 17th, 2017 Linda Cortright The Lord has been really downloading a lot since my last posting. Some things are Now, and some things have the light fragrance of early beginnings that we will see develop and be revealed in their fullness over the coming years. We need to be vigilant to keep up with how fast God is moving right now.

For our Now time we have been talking about receiving new identities. The Lord showed me that some of us will also receive new names. One evening I was sitting at my computer when the Lord began speaking to me. He said “I will give you a new name and your new name shall be Shadai. Spiritual truth will be on your tongue and your lips will sing praises. Feel again. Sing again. Laugh again. I am giving you a new identity. Sing to me in the midnight hour and I will give you revelation.” At that point I began questioning whether I was hearing correctly. Was Shadai even a name? I googled names and meanings and my mouth fell open when Shadai was an actual name. It is Arabic and it means “singer”. Wow! I believe the part about receiving a new name is for many of us. Not only will we receive new identities, but new names as well.

Also for this Now time we have been talking about going through a series of doors to get to our new positions. There will be a lot of twists and turns. I’ve been sharing what that looks like for me in the hope that you can relate it to events in your own life. Don’t assume that God has finished positioning you. Now that I am settled in to volunteering two days a week at the police department and about to be formally installed on the Arts and Culture Commission, I thought I was placed where God wanted me to be. Just a couple of days ago, I had a lengthy meeting, almost 3 hours, with the Director who oversees the Arts and Culture Commission. As the meeting was reaching its conclusion I excused myself for a moment. When I returned he had a contemplative look on his face. He said to me “Let me ask you something.” He asked me to consider serving as an officer on a newly created Foundation to promote arts and culture in Prescott Valley. Again, another twist and another door opening. I’m still asking “why”? People are seeing things in me that I don’t see in myself because I feel like I’m walking into new territory. I keep thinking about the word God gave me two years ago where He said not to be afraid that where He is placing me is beyond my abilities. To serve as an officer on the Foundation and move out in all the directions we discussed at that meeting and accomplish the vision for the Foundation is daunting. So my caution to you is don’t assume that God is finished moving and positioning you. Don’t stop decreeing the fulfillment of your promises. So long as you keep focused on your promise, God will continue to move your promise forward. You don’t want to be operating in a position that is out of alignment with His perfect will, and that is less than what He has for you. Keep pressing through until you are positioned to the point where you have to rely on Him because you cannot do it of yourself.

Another Now word is particularly for women. Godly favor is on women right now. The Lord showed me a specific word for women that He revealed to me over a three night period.

On February 7th I arose at 2:00 a.m. for prayer. As I was praying I went in the spirit to the meadow outside the mountain of God. I arrived in the middle of the meadow and was at first confused why I arrived so far from the mountain of God (I always see the mountain as located at the end of the meadow). As I stood there, a strong wind began to blow. At first I thought it was the wind of the Holy Spirit, but then I heard “It is the breath of God”. As God blew across the meadow I saw the meadow begin to be filled with other women who were arriving. The wind blew to hurricane speeds that bent us backward and still we stood with arms raised up reveling in the breath of God. There was no fear at the strength of the wind. Just a glorious happiness and glorying in the wind. At one point I began asking that God’s breath not only blow over us but to blow through us as well. I prayed that we would become transparent and that God’s light would shine through us. It was amazing! Then I looked and I saw that we all had not only become transparent and lit from within but as I watched we became columns of living water. It may be that we were filled with the Holy Spirit and because we were transparent we looked like columns of living water. John 37-38 says rivers of living water will flow from anyone who believes in the Lord.

On February 8th I awoke at 2:30 a.m. and again I went to the meadow outside the mountain of God. It was as if I was back where I was yesterday morning. I saw all the women standing in the meadow and next to each woman was their large column of living water. As I watched, I saw angels come and begin to carve each woman’s new identity in the column of living water. As soon as the angels began carving, the breath of God again began blowing through the meadow but this time it was different. The wind was so strong that we had to grab on to the columns of living water to keep standing and there was a different flavor to the wind that I couldn’t quite identify or put words to. Somehow I knew it was a changing wind. As the wind began to blow I could see all of the woman fall to the ground in a deep sleep. I then saw the angels take pieces of the column of living water and they began pushing them into the bodies of the women. (Picture everyone lying flat on their back and then the pieces being laid on top of their bellies and then simply pushed in). Other angels then arrived and began stitching the women where the living water had been added. I had a sense that I was watching a surgery taking place. We had been put in a deep sleep, and then the inserting of our individually carved living water, and then being stitched up. I think of Adam being put into a deep sleep so that God could remove one of his ribs to create woman, and then closing up the opening. (Genesis 3:21) I believe the changing wind relates to the changes God is making within us and those things He is imparting to us (wisdom, courage, knowledge, etc.). That they are being stitched into us rather than being poured in (I usually see angels pouring vials or bottles over us), would seem to signify permanence in that we cannot lose these gifts nor can the devil steal them from us.

The angels that were chiseling and creating a new identity for each woman, then began chiseling specific items into the hands. As the items were chiseled, the angels that were stitching the women began sewing into our physical hands what was being chiseled. The five gold leaves from the tree of knowledge that Jesus had previously given me (I think I shared about these leaves in an earlier post), were stitched onto my left hand. I saw five golden coins stitched on my right hand. Then I looked at the sculpture of my new identity, and I saw the gold leaves that represented knowledge in my left hand and the gold coins that represented wealth in my right hand. Around my neck hung a flute for singing to the Lord. Every woman’s sculpture was different and represented her new identity. In the hands were carved the things God was giving to her in this new season and around her neck was something that symbolized her new name. That there were “five” of each item placed in the hands is notable in that biblically the number five is associated with God’s grace and favor.

On February 9th I again went back to the meadow outside the mountain of God and I saw all the women arising. As they stood up I saw the sculptures of living water melt into the ground but when I looked down, the ground was not wet. The women raised their hands and began singing to God. These are the women who God has chosen for this particular time to accomplish a particular purpose and they will walk in new identities with a new name, singing to the Father with praise for what He has done. They will walk in the new things God has stitched into them and they will not be afraid because they know in this season, so long as they remain in praise and alignment with the Father, the devil cannot steal away their promises.

Three times this week the Lord has focused me on singing and more particularly that we will be singing praises to God as a result of having our promises fulfilled. The first word I received was that I would be singing praises to God and the new name He gave me turned out to mean “singer”. Secondly, the vision in the meadow focused on women being filled and also ended in women singing praises to God. Thirdly, as I looked at the Jewish calendar I noted that the coming Sunday was Shabbat Shirah which means “Sabbath of Singing”. Shabbat Shirah is a time to sing to God and celebrate the exodus from Egypt with song and dancing. It is also a time for women especially to rise up to sing and dance just as Miriam led the women in singing and dancing during the exodus from Egypt. (Exodus 15:20-21). It is a time to sing God’s praises for taking us out of past bondages and for what He is doing.

Another Now moment relates to acceleration. We’ve talked about the great acceleration that is accompanying this season and how quickly God is moving. Even so, it may seem to us that God could be moving faster, particularly if you are eagerly anticipating the fulfillment of long-awaited promises. This morning I arose at 5:30 a.m. As I was praying and making decrees I found myself asking God to move faster. I had a list of prayer points for praying during the fourth watch (3:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m.) and as I looked for prayer guidance I read “Ask the Lord to remove murmuring and complaining from you.” Ouch! I immediately repented that I had been complaining to God that He was moving too slow! Then later I pulled up my e-mail and read “Things might appear to be slow, but God is using this to get you into His timing.” I share even my short-comings so that you might not make the same mistakes. God is moving right now even if you can’t see it. Trust in His perfect timing. Like the Israelites we are coming out of Egypt. Let us not fall into the murmurings and complaining that they did while we are journeying into our promised land.

Lastly, it is important to look Now at the deep things of God. Look not only for confirmations, but look at the times, timing, and symbolism to see the deeper things of God and how He is moving. For example, the emphasis is on singing praise to God right now and it also ties to the Jewish celebration of Shabbat Shirah. Look at the times when you are being awoken or called to prayer. I’m generally called to prayer during the third watch (midnight – 3:00 a.m.) which is the time for break through prayer. However these last two days I have been called during the fourth watch which relates to a new day dawning. My prayer time has shifted from the break through hours to the hours of the new day dawning. Look at the times and the timing surrounding you. Look also for symbolism. The Lord speaks to my daughter through numbers. There are certain numbers that when she begins to see them surrounding her – on receipts, street numbers, or any place where she sees the same numbers keep reoccurring, she knows that God is trying to get her attention and tell her something. God is calling us deeper right now. He is changing His relationship with us. The way He spoke to you in the last season is but a shadow of how He is speaking in this season. When you hear Him speaking to you, look deeper. God wants to raise you up to a new level. Whatever your relationship in the last season, whatever your spiritual giftings, however God spoke to you in the past, look for enhancement in this season and look deeper at what God is saying to you.


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