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Submitted Prayers for

Susan B
November 1, 2021, 10:43 am
Lord, most of us truly do not know the solution to this crisis, but we give thanks that you do and lift up our prayers for those trapped and those who would assume leadership. Guide their hand according to your mighty WILL.
Staci S
October 28, 2021, 6:17 am
Father, as the media has moved on from this headline, I remember. I lift all those affected by this crisis. up to you. Lord I pray that you strengthen their faith and bring many in this nation into your family through this event. Thank you for always being present, may your presence be felt by those whose lives are in danger. Amen.
Elisa L
October 25, 2021, 4:42 pm
Heavenly Father, we praise you Lord for the almighty God that you are. We lift up to you those children of yours that are still stranded in Afghanistan. Protect them as they try to escape dangers. Hedge them from all around with your mighty angels to keep harm from falling on them. Also give them peace knowing that you have their backs. Thank you Lord for their safety. AMEN.
ann H
October 25, 2021, 7:56 am
Father God, you said in your word Psalm 34:15-16
15 The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous,
And His ears are open to their cry.
16 The face of the Lord is against those who do evil,
To [a]cut off the remembrance of them from the earth.
Father God you also said you are our ever present help in time of trouble. Father, we pray that you would watch over and protect our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan and all who are suffering . Father God you delivered Israel out of Egypt from slavery and I know that you are no respecter of persons. Father God deliver all who suffers in Afghanistan from this crises and rescue them out of the hands of their enemy and send them to safety. Father, I also pray Psalm 91 over all of our brothers and sisters and all who are sufferings under this Taliban horror crises and fill them with your perfect peace. Again I say Father, rescue them and send them home safely in Jesus name. Father, I pray for the salvation of every person in Afghanistan in Jesus name
Susan C
September 18, 2021, 5:22 am
Dear Heavenly Father, You know with intimacy each and everyone who is suffering as a result of this crisis. You know each and everyone who bears responsibility in this crisis. I pray You would draw them to Jesus Christ... the innocent, the guilty, everyone. I praise the Name of Jesus Christ over the children, the expectant mothers, the fathers who are unable to protect their families...those who are trapped. I praise the Name of Jesus Christ over the evil and those complicit. I pray mercy, Father God. I know I am a sinful woman, but in Jesus Christ, I am Your beloved. As Your beloved, I pray mercy. Thank You Father, thank You Jesus, thank You Holy Spirit. Amen.
Justin E
September 15, 2021, 11:14 am
Heavenly Father,

You are an ever-present refuge and strength for the people of Afghanistan. We ask you to reveal yourself as their Lord and Savior in their troubles. (Ps. 46:1) May you uphold them in your righteous right hand over the calamities in their country. (Is. 41:10) May you protect and preserve them against the violence of terrorists and save them from their enemies (2 Sam. 22:3-4). May you be their vindication who stops every weapon against them, and may you thwart the judgment of those who speak against them (Is. 54:17). May you establish and guard the people of Afghanistan against the empire of the evil one (2 Thess. 3:3). May the Afghan Christians put on the full armor of Christ in protection, so that your glory may shine among the people (Eph. 6:11). May you reign in perfect sovereignty over this country, O Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace (Is. 9:6). In Jesus Christ\'s Mighty Name, Amen.


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