California has been on the cutting edge of social policy for decades now. We were defunding the police before it became cool!

We didn’t exactly take money out of law enforcement budgets until recently, but we “defunded” them by taking away their ability to make arrests, protect citizens and maintain peace.

Some people still don’t believe this, but Prop 47 is a law — deceptively titled ‘Safe Schools and Neighborhoods Act’ — that reduces many felonies to misdemeanors and provides for the early release of certain violent offenders and sex offenders. One of the most unbelievable provisions of Prop 47 is one that makes it just a ticketable offense to steal up to $949 worth of goods from any given retailer on any given visit. That’s right- visit. You can clean out the deodorant section at Walgreens, go back to your drug den, then come back an hour later and hit the diapers and feminine products if that’s your jam.

You’ve seen the videos. People do this. They take what they want and casually walk away. They know the law. They know law enforcement has no ability to stop any of it. It’s not just San Francisco that is seeing this nonsense growing; it has pretty much permeated every part of the state by this point.What’s worse — the broken windows theory has most definitely applied to the chaos in California. Criminals have become emboldened by the tacit permission to loot stores at will. Now they are becoming organized and hitting larger targets…. (Excerpts from the Blaze)


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