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Question 1 of 9

Which IFA resources do you currently use or follow?


Question 2 of 9

Which IFA Resource has been the greatest benefit to you?

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Question 3 of 9

What specific results have you seen due to our prayer directives?

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Question 4 of 9

What national issue do you pray for/care about the most?

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Question 5 of 9

Are you a part of a local prayer group that prays consistently for your community and the nation?

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Question 6 of 9

Has any IFA resource been particularly helpful in your prayer group, and if yes, which one?

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Question 7 of 9

Do you share our prayer guides, resources or articles with others? If so, rank the ones you use most often with 1 being the most used:

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Question 8 of 9

Do you have a testimony about answered prayer as a result of an IFA resource or directive?

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Question 9 of 9

How long have you been connected to IFA?

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