Foundational VALUES in Transforming Revival

  • Pursuit of His Presence. The goal is not Transformation, but God’s Presence. The pursuit of God’s Presence is to seek His heart rather than His hand or His blessing upon our efforts. It is not unity in a purpose, but the oneness in pursuit of a committed core. Community transformation is the by-product of a corporate pursuit of His Presence.

  • Personal First. We pursue God’s presence personally before attempting to pursue His presence corporately. The ongoing, persistent journey of attracting God’s presence starts in the heart of an individual, first. Families, congregations, businesses and communities will experience collectively what individuals experience personally. Humility, obedience, holiness and a consistent prayer altars are cornerstones of this effort.

  • Paramount Effect. It is sudden, dramatic and undeniable. The invasive, supernatural, comprehensive effects of an invited Divine visitation are such that only God can get the glory, no man, ministry or program.

  • Pervasive Results. Every sphere of influence will be impacted, not just the Church. Results will affect all “7 Mountains” of influence in a community with widespread awareness of God’s Presence by the churched and un-churched alike.

  • Particular Process. Every community will be different. Local leaders invite God’s Presence to come and respond to His direction in a unique manner for their community. There is not a pre-packaged plan or formula. Covenant relationships and establishing a corporate prayer altar are the goal of this unique process.