Missiological research indicates four main stages in communities that experience transforming revival:

Preparation – The pursuit of God’s Presence is often not undertaken because believers do not understand the dire condition of their lives and communities.  Complacency in America is compounded by affluence, causing us to think that we are “doing just fine.”  However, the faithful develop deep levels of desperation that compel them to pursue something beyond the ordinary and embark on the journey pursuing transforming revival.

Invitation – Research has shown that transforming revival comes when local believers make their lives and their community attractive to God’s Presence.  This shift in the heart of the Church, along with a communitywide invitation for God to come, results in a dynamic release of the Divine Presence.

Visitation – A Divine visitation can accomplish more in a few minutes than the efforts of believers over decades – and with longer-lasting effects.  This includes wholesale restoration of everything:  churches grow with new converts, integrity in government is restored, economic expansion is common-place, and even the land is restored.

Participation – The reality is that most transforming revivals last less than three years, but there are certain things some believers have done differently in order to maintain the Presence of God in their community longer than in others.

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