“Go through, Go through the gates! Prepare the way for the people; Build up, Build up the highway!
Take out the stones, Lift up a banner for the peoples!” (Isa 62:10)

We are not waiting on God. He is waiting on us.

God's desire has always been to be with us in a personal and tangible way where His Presence rests. What Adam and Eve first experienced in the Garden of Eden, walking and talking with the Lord, face to face, has always been God's intention and desire. It was His creation that turned Him away. Ever since then we have been trying to find our way back.

What keeps Him from responding to our heart-cries for His Presence are the numerous roadblocks and hindrances in our lives. It's not that He doesn't want to come. We limit His ability to come. Sin, ungodly beliefs, generational bondages and spiritual strongholds stand in the way. It is up to us to remove these obstacles so He can respond to our invitation.

In a community’s pursuit of God’s Presence, personal preparation must be the starting point. Before considering any corporate invitation for transforming revival, each community member must consider several key factors in adequately preparing the way of the Lord.

Determine the cost of the call

To pursue God’s Presence on a daily basis will require a change of routine and priorities. This is not a short-term plan, but a lifestyle of seeking God’s face on a consistent basis. A pruning of what seems good may be needed in order to pursue what is best … READ MORE

Establish a prayer altar

A prayer altar is a sacred time and sacred place where one meets with God.  These should be established as individuals as well as families, congregations, and communities. Unfortunately, there are always distractions … READ MORE

Learn to hear and discern God’s voice

A growing relationship with the Holy Spirit is vital in keeping our pursuit fresh and current.  Developing a sensitive spirit to the heart and activities of God will position us to quickly respond and become partners in transforming revival. … READ MORE

Pursue freedom from spiritual roadblocks

In order for the fullness of God’s presence to fill us, ungodly beliefs and mindsets, wounds and hurts and strongholds of the past must be removed. As we humble ourselves before the Lord, we give Him permission to search our hearts for anything that would hinder His coming. … READ MORE