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855 People Prayed
2995 People have read this article


Father, you are a God of order. We pray that the lawlessness in our nation, which reflects an anti-Christ spirit, and a spirit of violence, would cease.

We have raised an entire generation of Americans who have no respect for the law, and now we are reaping what we have sown. I cannot even begin to tell you how alarmed I am by some of the videos I have been watching lately. As you will see below, all over the nation, young people are brazenly flouting the law, obstructing and assaulting law enforcement officers and committing criminal acts in large groups.


I think “lawlessness” is perhaps the best word to describe what is happening, and many believe that what we have witnessed so far is just the beginning. I have so much respect for the good law enforcement officers across the country who put their lives on the line day after day to protect all of us, but I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes at this point. If you wonder why I would say such a thing, just consider what just happened in New York City:

In a series of shocking videos, NYPD officers can be seen being doused with buckets of water and pelted with projectiles as they tried to do their jobs (in one video, the officers were in the middle of making an arrest).

The stunning footage, which was first spotted online on Monday, shows the brazen young men in Harlem and Brooklyn dousing cops with water and, in one frame, an officer gets beaned in the back of the head with an empty red plastic bucket. The attacks on the officers started as they were arresting another young man, and in the video, they can be seen handcuffing the man while he was splayed out on the hood of a car.e

How would you respond if you were attacked like this?

If I were a police officer in that situation, I would not have been able to let that kind of abuse go, and those young attackers would have learned the hard way that there are very serious consequences for assaulting a police officer.

But this is what happens when we raise an entire generation without any values whatsoever.

These young people are just doing whatever seems right in their own eyes, and similar things are happening all over the nation.

For example. . . a flash mob stormed a Walgreens in Philadelphia on the Fourth of July:

Philadelphia police have released surveillance video showing dozens of teens vandalizing and stealing from a South Street Walgreens on the Fourth of July. The incident happened at the store on the 1800 block of South Street in the Graduate Hospital section of the city.

As you can see from video footage of the incident, the young people seemed to take great joy in the crimes that they were committing.

If things are this crazy now, what will things look like when economic conditions get really bad and those young people get really desperate?

Elsewhere in Philadelphia, a pack of teen girls was viciously attacking random female victims that they came across in the street, and video of the attacks caused quite a bit of outrage:

A gang of teenage girls filmed themselves targeting female strangers in random attacks on the streets of Philadelphia.

The disturbing video shows the girls approaching their unsuspecting victims on the street before proceeding to slap them and wrestle them to the ground.

The violent video sparked outrage when it was shared online.

Of course many of these young criminals will end up in prison, but in many cases, that will just mean they will learn how to be even better criminals from those they are incarcerated with.

And the truth is that in many instances, our prisons are completely and utterly out of control. For example, it is being reported that one prison down in Mississippi allegedly put the gangs in charge at one point.

Everywhere you look, there is lawlessness. This week, when ICE officials showed up to arrest an illegal immigrant in Nashville, the man’s neighbors formed a human chain around him in order to keep that from happening:

When U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrived at a Nashville home Monday in an attempt to detain a man there, neighbors and activists gathered to support the man, who remained shuttered in a van with a child for hours before the agents left.

And once the agents and police officers they had called to the scene finally drove away, neighbors who had kept the man and the boy fed, hydrated and cool, formed a human chain from the van to the house as the man and the boy shuffled inside.

In the end, the ICE officials left, and the illegal immigrant got away.

When there is a complete and utter lack of respect for law enforcement on a widespread basis, that is a recipe for chaos.

And without a doubt, our nation is on the brink of great chaos. Just consider these numbers:

After a week that saw President Trump and his foes toss toxic words at each other, there is now a warning that the next phase could be “violence.”

Nearly 8 of 10 Americans told the Pew Research Center that supporters for both sides could “act” on the politically charged rhetoric with violence. It was higher for Democrats, 91%, than Republicans, 61%.

[But, prayer can change all of these numbers.]

(Excerpted from Charisma News, article by Michael Snyder.)

855 People Prayed
2995 People have read this article


  1. I do try and pray for the police and firemen whenever I see them pass while i am driving.Every morning I pray for those in authority, especially the government and the criminal justice system (1 Timothy2:1-4). I pray they fear God not man and that they make decisions according to his word, will and way. I also pray for their protection and a strong supportive family life.

  2. Lord shine your light in the darkness in this nation and drive it out. Send the Holy Spirits fire of revival to the churches. Let prayer and fasting arise in your churches throughout this nation. We welcome you Holy Spirit and cry out for another visitation. Amen

  3. Father, we stir up the churches in every community to begin to regularly pray against lawlessness in their town, and to seek you for the protection of their city. We call down angels to protect the police and first responders. Holy Spirit, come and hover over my city and bring peace and godly order. In Jesus’ name.

  4. Yes, it is hard for the righteous to overlook these things. How do we plan for our kids future when parallel things like this are taking place? Do we live in a bubble- no. This lawlessness is a direct result of the four walls church buildings going astray- which is why the Lord God will be judging them first before Joel 3, valley of Jehoshaphat on unbelievers take place. The church congregation was supposed to be the salt of the earth, but they are more concerned with money, church sizes and church announcements! STOP GIVING THEM YOUR TITHES- it is not biblical. THEY DO NOT DESERVE IT. GIVE TO THE POOR NEEDY AND & WIDOWS AND ORPHANS LIKE THE SCRIPTURE TELL US IN ISAIAH. COME OUT OF THESE PLACES- FOR GOD IS NOT THERE. He lives inside of us and is the only hope we have in these times of tribulation. As God was sending plagues down upon Egypt, he was preparing to deliver the righteous seed of Abraham from slavery. Psalm 91 is our only refuge as things will continue to get worse. Turn off the news, Turn off the frequency of Satanic Music and Negative News. Pray that Jesus would find those who belong to the body of Christ and save and deliver them from this world. God is NOT saving the world, He always judges the unrighteous, we know that; Noah, Nineveh, Sodom & Gomorrah, Israel (Kings). He will save his own body. Get ready for more things to come as we usher in the Glory of God.

  5. It is my opinion that in the U.S.A. we are starting to see the separation of the sheep from the goats – especially through the platforms of the two major political parties.

  6. I believe one of the roots of this problem is that the government has subsidized having children without marriage, which therefore has been penalized. There needs to be a responsible husband and father in the house, and parents also need to be loving – nurturing their children and teaching them moral principles. Of course there are exceptions when help is needed and should be given,but marriage needs to be encouraged, not discouraged. One teenager told my daughter “no one has ever loved me”. This is heartbreaking. Much prayer is needed for this situation.

  7. I pray against the lawlessness forming in this country and call it unfit for use in the Name of Jesus Christ. No weapon formed against this nation will prosper. Thank you, God, for the powerful use of prayer. I pray, in the Name of Jesus, for a healthy respect and a healthy good conscience to develop within our nation. Praise be to God, our Lord and Saviour.

  8. This article reminds me of 2 Timothy 3:3, Paul writing to Timothy, “They will be unloving and unforgiving; they will slander others and have no self-control; they will be cruel and have no interest in what is good.”
    Father, I pray that your will come and visit with us a great move of Your Spirit and begin with The Church which is failing in Her mission. I also pray that The Church will pray 2 Chronicles 7:14 until You come with Your Spirit and Power bringing a mighty change within. We are desperate My Father, please hear our prayers as we pray them to You in the name of Jesus Your Son, Amen!

  9. Father God, we cry to you Abba! Those with discernment understand where lawlessness is birthed there is an inability to understand right from wrong.

    I pray for this nation and the uttermost ends of the earth that the light which is shining on darkness gives way to revelation and understanding of what sin looks like. May your power of forgiveness be witnessed with healing in our world.

    For people like Jim who are disenchanted with the church, may you lead them where you truly reside. For those who teach have an unbearable responsibility to exercise your truth while delivering your grace to the repentant soul. May your church be purified from any unholy doctrine and may you reveal yourself tomorrow in your houses of worship. Cause the sin of rebellion to come to the surface of our hearts to be excised by your Holy Spirit and replaced by the gifts of the spirit to do your good works so that the enemy will long for your mercy and let loose his grip on the unsaved. Baruch ha Shem, may your name be blessed today and forever. Amen.

    1. God does not answer pray we because we pray only he said seek my face and turn from our wicked ways then he will hear from heaven our nation is full of wickedness his word changes not murdering babies marriage is a mockery

      1. God, Your word also says in Matthew 18:19 That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.
        As we stand in the gap over the lawlessness in our land, we pray for Your mighty arm to push back the forces of darkness and usher in the light of Your glory! May Your light bring truth and justice once again to this land, not for any goodness of ours, but so that You alone will be glorified and honored as the one true God!

  10. God You are calling the Bride of Christ as One New Man (Jew and Gentile) to discipline ourselves to pray and praise 7 times a day for our Nation, the next 3 years and You will remove the chaos in our land! It will take much discipline because of busy lifestyles, but by You Holy Spirit, we can do this! Help us Heavenly Father to commit to pray and praise 7 times a day for our Nation for the next 3 years! In Jesus Name, Amen

    As we cry out to God in distress the Lion of the Tribe Of Judah will ROAR on our behalf!

    (Paul Wilbur is at City of Zion in Texas till tomorrow if you want to livestream more on what God is doing!!!)

  11. God Almighty, It is your church, which is the problem, pastors were never meant to head up a church, only apostles with Miracles to prove they are apostles and second prophets and 3rd teachers. Consequently the average pastor prays 2 min a week, because are not even called by God Almighty to part of leadership. Eternal Lord it is your church who is in rebellion, everyone is to have a song, word, hymn, teaching, prophesy ETC… Your church is far from its foundation of Jesus first and being led by the Spirit, I pray you bring conviction on your church and turn it around, and then the rest of the nation and the world will quit rebelling.

  12. Almighty God, as we look at the lawlessness in our land , We want to take responsibility as the church of our Lord Jesus Christ, confessing on behalf of the previous generations that did not pray and stand guard against the advancement of the enemy, that spirit of lawlessness, in our land.. I just confess for myself that for many years of my earlier Christian life I caught up with my own spiritual growth, my own agenda, and I was not able to see with spiritual eyes beyond the walls of the church and identify with spiritual discernment the infiltration of the enemy in our churches, our schools and every other area of life. Please forgive me most blessed Father and forgive the church for not upholding your standards in a nation that was initially founded on Your principles. Please remove the veil from the eyes of the church and sound an alarm that will move us to our knees in holy fear of You Almighty God, in repentance, and in the release of your power through our prayers and petitions to take back the ground from the enemy has taken!

    1. Amen! We are reaping the harvest of lukewarmness, prayerlessness, ignorance of the Bible, lack of diligence, disobedience, worldliness, and slumber. Let us thoroughly repent, “turn from our wicked ways,” then He will heal the land.

    2. We agree, dear God, in our lack of diligence in prayer and faithfulness to Your commands. We humbly ask for forgiveness as we seek Your face, to turn from our sins and walk in holiness and righteousness, pursuing Your ways and Your truth. You are truly a compassionate God – though we do not deserve it, we implore You to let Your mercy triumph over the judgment we deserve. In Jesus’ name.

  13. Father God in Jesus name may we be ever mindful that as much as this is disturbing, sad, violent, and disrespectful to all may we be reminded of your word of the evil that shall happen in the last days, as the times grows closer and closer to the coming of the LORD where every eye shall see Him. We indeed are concerned for our families, police officials, leaders both spiritually, and politically, and all people for their own personal safety, and protection, and we earnestly call on you LORD for your help, for all of our help comes from you. You know all that is happening LORD, and you have told us in your holy word to watch and pray, and to pray without ceasing, give us the strength to do so LORD as our hearts are melting over all that is happening in this world. Protect everyone LORD, and dismantle every evil agenda against our youth, and young adults, who are doing adult crimes at a such young age, for they are to be joyful, and happy in their young years, but instead are heeding to the enemy’s will, and evil works, because their minds are open to him. In Jesus name may our prayers cover their minds not only to do what us right, but that they may be saved, that they may turn away from wrong doings, and come to know Jesus for He is the door, may they repent, and believe on the one who has come to save them from all their sin’s, help us LORD to tarry during these difficult times, and days in Jesus mighty name!

  14. Father and Creator of all peoples, and nations, universes, have mercy on those men and women who have been called to be the protectors and enforcers of our laws, civil and Biblical; for all righteousness, all good comes from You. Would you be the mighty shield around those who go to the scenes of rebellion and hatred, seeking to keep the laws of our land. Protect their families against persecution. For those illegal men, women and children coming into America, bypassing our laws of our sovereign country, change their minds, their hearts to seek peace in their own countries. Change the cultures of poverty in So. American countries where gangs and evil has bedded down deep into countries that you would tenderly bless; cause all nations to come to you for peace, for forgiveness and order. Hinder and confuse those who seek violence and agitate others, bringing them to their knees in repentance. As your people pray, change the atmosphere in every city, especially those with hellish brewings of violence. Thwart their plans, put the fear of God in their hearts so they might turn from the enemy who keeps them captive to his evil plans. With elections coming this next year, we pray for the atmosphere to change from warring, to wonder at what You will do to bring unity in the most difficult places…’s rebellious heart. You are Lord of all….be glorified in the change….in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

  15. The Scripture says lawlessness will increase the closer it gets for the return of the LORD. His return is nearer than what a lot of people think.
    Father, protect the law enforcement people, I ask that You put a hedge of protection around them as they do their jobs. Give them courage and strength to uphold the law of the land. Lift them up and let people arise who will back the law enforcement agents.
    Father, I pray that the tide will be turned from parents who teach their children they are to get whatever they want, to parents who believe in discipline and teaching their children to respect authority, and other people’s possessions. Your Word says to discipline a child to prevent them from death, it also says to not spare the rod, because it will not kill them. The parents of today do not go by what Your Word says but by what some child psychologist says. LORD, I ask that You give parents commonsense in how to raise their children and to discipline them.
    In Jesus name I pray. Amen

    1. In agreement, I pray for parents to wake up to the Truth of the Bible and raise children to respect life, respect parents and teachers, give honor to God in their lives from an early age. May we see a great revival of love for Your Word and Salvation in Jesus Christ take hold of whole families in America and across the world….use the Decision America tours of sharing Christ in every city Franklin Graham visits…..let the church arise and become the bold and joyous Bride Jesus will come and receive. Come Lord Jesus!

  16. Dear Lord God Almighty thank You for everything. Thank You for Your word and prayer. Lord Your word contains Your law. Your law brings order. Your Son said the greatest commandment was to love God and the next greatest commandment was to love one another. Father this lawlessness is not loving You and not loving one another. Help us Lord to do what is right in Your sight. We need You Father. Please call people out of darkness and into Your Light. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  17. Lord of the Bible ! King of the Universe you are Holy and you are a God of Order! Let us who believe in your word set a standard of obeying the laws of your word and of the land along with showing respect for those in authority! Let us also remember when a nation loses respect for human life it will reap violence and this is where we’re at, so Lord let Abortion become illegal and let us repent of our murders to the unborn. Forgive me of all my sins and forgive America of hers. Hear our cry’s Lord, we want order and peace restored in America today. Amen and Amen

  18. Dear Holy and Loving Father, Creator of all things. Only You are worthy of Praise, Honor and Glory and Your mercy endures forever. Have mercy on us, most merciful for we, as a Nation have grieved You, we have sinned and done many wicked, evil things in your sight. We have perverted Your perfect order for one of our own which has chosen death instead of Life. The hidden agenda of the enemy has tricked and fooled many into believing that “choice” other than Yours in worldly political agendas is good. Father, we have forgotten You in favor of selfish choices that have destroyed the very heartbeat of Your social system, the family, the perfect order You established. Women acting as men, men acting as women, children disrespecting parents and being raised to believe they are the center not a part of Your bigger picture of the family as the training ground for the necessary understanding of law and order.

    We have chased after our own ways, ignoring Your ways and are now reaping the bad fruit of wrong political decisions. Have Mercy on us Most Merciful Father. Forgive our careless, impudent, desire to govern ourselves without regard to You and Your Law and Order. Only You are righteous and Your laws are what is good for us. Restore us to Your Law and Order, remove the chaos and confusion from the minds of our youth and clearly show them a better way, Your way. Send Your Heavenly Armies to defend, defeat and take back the territory stolen by the enemy. Take back the heart of the families, the heart of communities, the heart of Law according to You. Expose and destroy the lies of the media, the politician, lobbyist and big corporation donors who crave the power for world dominance only You hold. This is Your world, Your creation, restore our hearts Oh, Lord to You. Bring Your Presence, Wisdom and Peace to our political system and destroy the strangle hold the enemy has on our people and Nation.

    The times are dark but You are Light and You have put Your Light in many of us. Cleanse us, restore us, put a right spirit within us and use us Holy Father. Let us be a witness of Light in the dark. Incline Your ear Oh Lord and hear our confession from our hearts and have mercy on us. Forgive us, listen and act. We are Your Nation and Your people and are called by Your name.

  19. Isaiah 22:22 Lord, shut the doors of violence over American cities and open wide the doors of your great grace over our law enforcement, Ice agents and those given the job to keep law abiding citizens safe. We say “NO” to the evil being perpetuated over the youth who lack a knowledge of You and Your love for them. Give law enforcement wisdom and discernment, even prophetic knowledge, when faced with lawlessness from citizens. Send your Angel’s to keep police, Ice, border patrol and firemen safe from harm. Thank you, Lord.

  20. Praise the Holy One who has the power to restrain lawlessness. The enemy uses lawlessness to prevent or
    alter your agenda, Lord. Your agenda will go forward in spite of this wickedness. Where sin abounded,
    grace abounded much more. Thank you for the victory, Father.

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