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  1. Hello Intercessors…..Starting with 2 Chronicles 7: 13-14 I reason with our Sovereign God and I call on Him and I humble myself and I seek His face and I know He is hearing my prayers for legions of guardian and ministering angels to be at the border and all border facilities and surround all ICE and border men and women patrolling and working with every illegal man , woman and child, criminals or not criminals for the fire of the Holy Spirit to fall on each of these individuals as He did on the day of Pentecost bringing revival into America AND ALL will turn to the one true Sovereign God and hear and understand Jesus Christ is their Lord, Savior and provider.

    Intercessors hear me…..Jesus Christ sent the Holy Spirit for His children upon His ascension to His heavenly throne. All of us must develop a fresh deep relationship with the Holy Spirit. He is the Godhead present in and with each of us now. I yearn for each child of God to intentionally put forth their best effort to renew a prominent relationship with the Holy Spirit.

    In His Love and Peace,
    Your Sister in Christ Judith

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