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Many, many people were praying about Hurricane Irma, including a couple thousand intercessors on the IFA prayer call Friday. God heard and answered! Thank Him! For those on the prayer call, read this article and see how our prayers were inspired and answered by God.

And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive. (Mt 21:22)

“. . . Hurricane Irma was a powerful, sprawling storm that decimated parts of the Caribbean . . . But the storm didn’t obliterate Miami, inundate the Gulf Coasts with excessive storm surge or destroy thousands of homes on the west coast of Florida as feared.

Meteorologists say there are three main reasons why.

First, Irma ran low on fuel. The storm had grown ferociously for more than a week . . .

But after nicking the coast of Cuba Friday, the hurricane winds slowed and Irma was downgraded . . .

If Irma had taken a track just 10 to 15 miles north, the storm would have likely missed Cuba and continued to intensify . . . . Instead the storm never regained its previous ferocity of winds of 160 miles an hour.

Then, the winds changed. . .  The upper level winds sheared off part of the top of the storm.

Those factors contributed to a shift in Irma’s path . . . Irma went right up the center of the state on a new path altogether and lost power.

A third reason was the weakening of the eyewall, the whirling vortex of intense wind and heavy rain at the center of a hurricane. The rainstorms encircling the eye moved less quickly and evenly—in part because of the loss of fuel and the storm getting knocked off-kilter by wind shear. By late Sunday, satellite images of Irma looked like a wheel with its bottom broken, meteorologists said.” (Excerpted from Wall Street Journal, Tuesday, September 12, 2017, reporting by Valerie Bauerlein.)

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  1. In Genesis I read about Abraham’s intercession for Sodom and Gomorrah. He stopped asking God to spare the city for 5 righteous people’s sake. I really got upset.I asked God why did he stop at 5, what about 1 righteous man’s sake? God said Jeremiah covered that in Jeremiah 5:1. I was thrilled. My cousin,Kenny is a righteous man who lives in Jacksonville FL. I stood on Jeremiah 5:1, prayed w his wife before Hurricane Irma hit Fl and every time I saw it on TV I in the name of Jesus I commanded it to dissipate,downgrade and go out to sea. I thanked God my cousin would suffer no harm. He called yesterday and testified he and his suffered no harm or damage other than losing his electricity and that was restored yesterday. He said he saw only one house that a tree fell thru it’s roof and they had to just clean up debris outside blown by the wind. He said the Keys had 25 percent of the homes were destroyed and the other 75 percent were damaged and they really need help to get back on their feet but Jacksonville was spared.Thank you, Lord you hastens to perform your Word if we will only believe and expect to see your glory manifested in the Earth and you are so faithful to turn around things the devil sends to kill,steal and destroy us for our good and so that you can be honored and glorified in the Earth. Unity came out of chaos and anarchy in the streets,reconciliation and restoration between God ,family,races,and neighbors came out of hatred,strife,estrangement,and bitterness, and lives we’re spared,rescued,and kept from harm and best of all God had our full attention so we could discover God alone is the Great I Am of all we need to live that more than abundant Life that Jesus purchased for us believers with His shed blood for our sins. Out of pride came humility to ask for His and our fellowman’s help . And now as never before we all realize that The time has come for all of us to worship Our Creator rather than the creature and the created. Out of apathy and complacency in the church came fervent effectual prayer and God hastened to perform His Word we prayed for others and did for us believers exceeding abundantly more for us than we could ever ask, think or imagine according to His mighty power that works in us. Praise God ,He is ever faithful, ever true, and ever watchful over His children in the name of Jesus we thank Him for all these things and may we never forget His goodness to us in the land of the living. May we never forget lessons learned from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.Amen.

  2. I received word from my daughter’s in-laws that they had an elderly aunt, uncle and their daughter living in Tampa and they were very worried for them as they were not in good health and weren’t sure if they could get to a shelter. At that time Irma was a Cat 5 projected to hit Miami and head straight up the east coast of Florida towards Tampa Bay and the storm surge was projected to be over 10 feet! I texted my 3 strongest prayer warrior sisters and asked them to agree with me in decrees and declarations that this storm would dissipate and not cause harm to the Tampa area based on Romans 8:19 “For [even the whole] creation (all nature) waits expectantly and longs earnestly for God’s sons to be made known [waits for the revealing, the disclosing of their sonship.]. Amplified
    Wednesday morning the in-laws were finally able to make contact with the elderly relatives in Tampa who said they had water in their yard but none in the house and were faring well probably thanks to our prayer group!!!! Hallelujah!!!

  3. Thanks be to God for answered prayer!
    We praise Your holy name and bless you Abba Father! We thank You for all the prayer warriors You awoke! In Jesus mighty name! Amen

  4. Thank You Lord,

    For saving so many including my family in Florida. I woke up with this song on my heart.

    Oh, Jesus is a Rock in a weary land, A weary land, a weary land; Oh, Jesus is a Rock in a weary land, A Shelter in the time of storm. A shade by day, defense by night, A Shelter in the time of storm; No fears alarm, no foes a fright, A Shelter in the time of storm. The raging storms may round us beat, A Shelter in the time of storm; We’ll never leave our safe Retreat, A Shelter in the time of storm. O Rock divine, O Refuge dear, A Shelter in the time of storm; Be Thou our Helper ever near,
    A Shelter in the time of storm.

  5. I truly believe it was God who saved us from a horrible disaster that could have taken place in Florida from hurricane Irma. Everyone prayed and GOD heard our prayer’s. God is alive and well … I give Thanks, Praise, Glory and Honor to our Loving Heavenly Abba Father in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ ..with all my heart. Prayer is the beginning and end for all situations, The beginning prayer is to ask him to help us get through the problems we face, ,and the end prayer is to Thank him forgetting us through them. Amen..!!!!

  6. Many joined Ken Malone, Forerunners Ministery, in Fl on a prayer call starting on Tuesday and continuing throughout the week repenting for the sins of Fl and crying out for mercy, speaking “peace to the storm”. Our merciful Father God heard our cries. Consider what would happen if we continued our prayer calls and cried out for revival, for a third great awakening, calling for a Joel 2 gathering repentance. Our Father God of mercy says if we humble ourselves AND TURN FROM OUR WICKED WAYS, HE WILL HEAR FROM ,HEAVEN AND HEAL OUR LAND. GLORY !!!!!!!

  7. I pray that people won’t forget to continue to pray for this nation,
    For their leaders and those in authority that the HolySpirit will be guiding the decisions and laws for this beautiful country, for the repentance of the sins committed against Him and for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit over the Nation.
    And that America will bless the Lord
    for His righteousness and mercies.

  8. To quote E.M.Bounds who said, “Prayer is no fitful short-lived thing. It is no voice crying unheard and unheeded in the silence. It is a voice that goes into God’s ear and it lives as long as God’s ear is open to holy pleas, as long as God’s heart is alive to holy things.” God has interrupted our lives so that we know the world is not enough. Our spiritual poverty forces us to admit we need God every hour of every day. We do not have enough of the divine nature to meet conflict, chaos, or to live in harmony and peace with others without our dear Abba Father. In faith we ask and we thank Him because we know it is being done. Yes, we give thanks because we know that His power is entering into the situation and working in all ways best according to His will. If we dare to believe…….He will do it!

  9. I, also, have family in Florida, in Naples be exact. I am grateful that the storm was not as powerful and destructive as it was predicted to be. However I wonder if the people in the Caribbean are praising God the way we are? I wonder if the people in Cuba who lost their homes because the hurricane changed course are praising God the way we are? Did no one pray for them? Why was Florida spared but those islands were not?

  10. PRAISE THE LORD, PRAISE THE LORD, PRAISE THE LORD, we give you all the honor and glory LORD for answering the prayers of Your people. We love You LORD and magnify Your Holy Name. Thank You for Your mercy and loving kindness. Glory to God in the highest. Praise Your Holy Name. We soooooo thank You.

  11. Thank You, Heavenly Father, for hearing our prayers and giving us another chance to get right with You. You have good plans for us that You did not let the weather hinder. May Your will continue to be done on earth just as it is done in heaven. You are our good, good Abba who gives good gifts. Thank You for the major and the miniature gifts You gave throughout the path of Hurricane Irma. You are over and over worthy of honor and glory for such accomplishments are possible only through Your grand scale workings. I pray in Jesus, Amen

  12. I live in Jacksonville Florida and I felt God’s arms around me the entire time of the storm. I was so very blessed because I never lost power and my rescue dogs and I were able to get through this storm in comfort. I feel like my trust in God is a testament for the hard time we go through we only have to trust in Him and His power. The Lord is so faithful and this times gives us an opportunity to grow as Christians and fully rely on the Lord. I have truly experienced what it means to put on the full Armour of God.

  13. I live in a senior Christian Village and on Sunday morning at church we all cried out to the Lord in prayer to help us and the state during the storm. It was an overwhelming service as many came to the alter to pray. Although many trees came down, they fell away from buildings or just barely touched homes. The eye was coming towards us, but it weakened and we were spared. Neighbors helped neighbors. The spirit of love was overwhelming. On Wed. we met again at the church and had an absolutely wonderful service of praise. To God be the glory, great things He has done!

  14. Eternal, Almighty, Heavenly Father, We Thank Your For Your Mercy, Grace, and Tender Loving Kindness, you have bestowed upon us ‘your children called by your name’; for
    revealing to us that ‘You Are Still In Control, Creator of The Heavens And All The Earth’;
    You Are The Omnipotent God With All Power; we bow down before you with all humility,
    to repent of our sins, unrighteous lifestyle, all manner of evil wicked acts that are displeasing to You our Holy God; we acknowledge our wrong decisions / choices; we ask for your forgiveness, mercy, great grace upon us; thanking you for another opportunity to repent and confess our disobedience in your eyes; thank you Heavenly Father for your
    Saving Grace, Provisions, Covenant Promises, Wash Us Again With The Blood of Jesus Christ, Bring Us Into Eternal Life Forever In Jesus Christ Our Lord of Lords, And King of Kings, Our Soon Coming Saviour. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  15. God Almighty thank you for having mercy on the USA, the Church, the saved and the unsaved, Now I ask for a Renaissance that the church would become perfect without Spot or Wrinkle so you can return in your people, and prepare us for the 1,000 year Millennium rule. I proclaim Justice and Righteousness with real unit of the Spirit and the bond of Peace over the USA.

  16. Thank You for Your mercy, Lord. Give us wisdom in how to help the victims in the Keys, and the Caribbean Islands, and Mexico, and Houston. Help our dollars to go to the right places, and help our prayers to go up daily (and more often) for those victims.
    You are so good. To You be all honor and glory and praise.

  17. It’s Good to Give Thanks to the Lord and sing Praises to the Most High! Declaring His Loving kindness Every morning and His Faithfulness Every night! We’ve Triumphed in the works of His Hands!! David said, Now with my head Lifted Above my enemies I Will praise You, yes! We sing praises to Your name, oh Most High!! Under the Shadow of Your Wings!! Selah..

  18. Loving Lord, we bow down before you, so grateful for your mercies that are new every morning! Thank you so much that Irma lost steam, and thank you that we in Houston have had many days of sunshine and gentle winds to help us dry out more quickly than anticipated. You are trustworthy and true, and you never leave us or forsake us…….We are praying that this disaster, and the loving response it is bringing, will help change the paradigm from the awful, angry tone that has ruled our culture for too long. We have lost sight of what is important in life and instead focus on the differences, the grievances, money, power, hateful politics and mean spirited ways of communicating. Please pray for civility and that the false idols of our time that have been exacerbated by the 24-7 news cycles, social media and just plain ugliness will be recognized. Our republic was founded on the principle that we would live together peacefully, despite our deepest differences……We have always had big differences, but in this age where dialogue has been replaced by shouting, and civility has been forgotten we really need to hit the “reset” button. I’m praying for a miracle on the human front as well as the hurricane destruction front. Help us Lord Jesus! Amen

  19. We have prayed for protection for ourselves. Now let us repent for the weak condition of the Church in America. Daniel 9 is a good pattern.

  20. The Governor of Florida thanked Americans for their prayer regarding Irma with great emotion. Lord, let not this leader not forget to submit himself under your rule, remembering your mercy upon Florida during this hurricane. Thank you for the prayer in the church our praying sister told us of, and your sparing of their community there in Florida. The love of neighbor for neighbor reminds us of the love acts done in Houston after Harvey and Lord we are thankful. May this be a template of how Americans deal with future disasters, dear Lord. First to pray and repent, second to help those in need with selflessness. Praise you Lord for allowing us at IFA to be part of the dismantling of this hurricane. Help us to see it as a visual of how you wish us to dismantle spiritual hurricanes spurned up by the enemy of our souls, by fasting and by prayer, and also by the praise of your people. Praise you Lord, i ask this in Jesus name, Amen.

  21. Thank You Son of God of interceding for us in prayer. Glory to You Abba Daddy for Your everlasting Love and mercy, for You are good, for your mercy endures forever!

  22. Dear father God,
    I want to say thank you and glorify your name for your protection for the people of Taxas and Florida from hurricane Irma. I praise your name according to Psalm 50:23. It says this; But giving thanks is a sacrifice that truly honors me. If you keep to my path, I will reveal to you the salvation of God.”

  23. Thank you Lord for your mercy and lovingkindness! As long as i have breath I will praise the Lord. Thank you Lord for sending Irma away and weakening her power. Thank you that major cities were spared. Although there is flooding we can rebuild, but so thankful that the loss of lives wasn’t catastrophic. Thank you for men and women of prayer. All over the news people were publicly praying in Florida and asking others to pray with them and for them. I pray that the whole world would see there is no God like our god and through disaster eyes would be opened to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I plea the blood of Jesus and protection over all the officers and first responders from violence and disease. I pray that we would band together stronger after this and be united in God once again. In Jesus name Amen.

  24. Thank you and Praise to you LORD JESUS CHRIST for having mercy on all those in Florida. Thank you for slowing the Hurricane down and not letting it affect Florida in a way that was feared. I have family there and i was so concerned for their safety as well as all the others who were in the path of the hurricane. I told them the best thing we could do is Pray that it did not cause to much damage. GOD is good. I know he heard our Prayers and protected my family and many other families as well. We give thanks to Almighty GOD for answered prayers and for his protection of his holy children. May we all continue to give thanks and Praise to Our Father and our mother Mary. In JESUS name we Pray, Amen..

    May we also Pray for Peace on Earth and for our President and all those in the government.

  25. Glad to hear you were praying. Had many prayer partners praying too. My flight cancelled and I was stuck in Florida. We were praying Irma headed away from the Gulf which would strengthen her and rebuking her destruction. Praise be to God.

  26. I thank the Lord every day for our brothers and sister that prayed for us so fervently in our hour of need. God bless them! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It bless me so much to read your beautiful testimonies. Eva from Miami.

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