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Heavenly Father, we praise You for the growth of the Body of Christ in Iran. Hide these precious believers under the shadow of Your wings.

It may surprise you that the fastest growing church in the world is in Iran. Yet that’s the assessment of those who have seen and heard the remarkable story of millions turning away from Shiite Islam and turning toward Jesus Christ.

The image Iran presents to the world is large demonstrations with shouts of ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel’.

Those who have seen Iran from the inside, however, paint a very different picture.

“You can’t believe the images on TV. Because for example, all the protests you see on the streets, those are mostly contrived. They’re young people on the streets and they’ve told us if we don’t go to the streets, we won’t get our grades so we’re forced to go and protest,” one Iranian church worker said….

“Awaken to the truth that we live in a time that’s very special. More people have come to faith in Iran in the forty years than in the previous 1400 years. So, there’s a once, not only in a lifetime, but in history where we have a moment where Iranians are coming to faith at such a rapid rate.”

Frontiers Alliance International (FAI) is producing a documentary called Sheep Among Wolves to introduce the Iranian church to Christians worldwide.

“What’s taking place in Iran right now is spectacular,” says FAI founder and director Dalton Thomas. “It’s the fastest growing church in the world that owns no buildings, has no 501c3’s, that owns no property, that has no bank accounts; that has no centralized leadership; that has no denominational leaning and yet it’s multiplying like crazy … What the Lord is doing there is staggering.”

The evangelism results in intense persecution that Thomas says leads Iranian believers to seek prayer but not in a way you may think….

“When Muslims from Iran come in contact with the Man from Nazareth, something beautiful happens. And when they realize that they have been bought and saved and purchased with Jewish blood; prophesized by Jewish prophets in a Jewish Bible something crazy happens; something beautiful happens and that’s what we’re seeing take place in Iran.”

Thomas believes one day the world may wake up to find Iran’s church growth in the 21st century rivaling that in China and Korea in the last century. (Excerpts from CBN News article by Chris Mitchell)

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January 7, 2020


Leon H Carey
July 25, 2019

Wow!My eyes (spiritual) have been opened and my heart rejoices to hear this wonderful news. It does not matter in this world where God is concerned. The Holy Spirit is at work big time and so is the devil. But the Book of Revelations (Rev.22) says who wins, and who does not. Just as in the early church 2000 years ago and great persecution took place so were conversions to Jesus the Christ the I AM multiplied greatly especially it exploded at Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came down. So too in the Latter Days and we are in those days. Rejoice ye children and arise. Go forth and do exploits for we are the servants of the Most High God, Who is very Real and so is the Devil.

Bobby Clements
July 24, 2019

Christian church, beware of undocumented numbers! When Isis invaded Mogul in Iraq,there were 4000 plus counted as Christians. So,Isis went house to house, giving each “christian” the choice of going back to Islam or being shot instantly. Only 900 were shot, the remaining 3000 plus renounced Christ and lived. In Nigeria, in 2018, book haram went to a Christian girls school and kidnapped 100 young girls. They gave each girl the choice of renouncing Christ and being released or remaining a prisoner with all the consequences. 99 renounced Christ and were released. Only one retained her Christianity and she is still a prisoner somewhere. In America, only about 20% of our church population are true Christians! The remaining are whatever. Christian church, beware of undocumented numbers!

    CG Stanphill
    July 25, 2019

    Can you document these numbers please?

      Bobby Clements
      August 5, 2019

      Mr Stanphil, I am BobbyClements and I have been a maturing Christian for 61 years by GOD’S grace. I participate in two prayer websites, IFA and I commit to pray. For the past week, I have researching archives looking for specific dates to answer your request, with no results. Both the Mogul and the boho incidents are very true. To reference the third statement takes me back to one of Billy Graham’s last preachings where he made the 20% statement. I also want to give you Scripture to this fact. In Matthew 13 there JESUS is explaining seven of HIS parables. In the sower HE gives three possible reasons that humans reject CHRIST. Then HE gives one true salvation. In the tare HE explains how much the Chur h is infiltrated with ” non Christians “. To give you a personal example, I am currently a member of a large, but very SPIRIT filled Church, we have 7000 plus members on roll. We only average about 2200 in two worship services on Sunday morning. Where are the 4000 plus that are on our roll??? To give you a final reference, look at Matthew 7: 21-24. Not everyone who claims CHRIST is true Christian. Thank you and I pray for your understanding in this matter!! Praise GOD always!! Bobby

Jerry E Sauls
July 23, 2019

Jesus said I will build my Church but did not specify where but we know He receives anyone anywhere who call upon His Name. God is answering our prayers for the saving of the lost. Bless His Holy Name!

Wendell Fry
July 23, 2019

Thank You, Lord for all Your saints, these my brothers and sisters in Christ, and for the work that You are doing! Your Bride loves You and longs for You by Your Spirit. We can do nothing apart from You. Blood of Jesus! Save Lord by Your mighty Righteous Right Arm–Jesus! We agree with You that Your Bride be one, that we may all be one, just as You Father are in Jesus and Jesus is in You, that we may all be in You, THAT THE WORLD MAY BELIEVE THAT YOU SENT JESUS! Oh Lord, we are one in You, and the love with which You loved Jesus is in us and Jesus is in us for Your glory, alone! Oh Lord, hear! Oh Lord incline Your ear and extend Your salvation to the ends of the earth, and we Your little ones will do what You show us You are doing hand in hand by Your Spirit and Your power, loving one another with Your LOVE!

Rosalee Hoeft
July 23, 2019

Lord, I thank You that You are calling Hagar’s children , Abraham’s other children, to your saving grace. I thank You, thank You, thank You!

Roseann Davis
July 23, 2019

With You all things are possible for the good of those who seek You. Amen

July 23, 2019

Thank You, thank You, thank You, Father, for these precious souls who are coming out of darkness into Your glorious light!! We pray for them, that You would protect them; keep them from the onslaught of the enemy! Open their hearts to You and open the eyes of their understanding so they may be set free from deception and be filled with Your Presence – Your truth! Be merciful to them, dear Father, as they have to be ready to share in the sufferings of Christ. Give them courage, give them strength, and give them the power through Your Holy Word to see the beauty of Your glory. Be their bulwark, their fortress, their great defender! Help them become stronger and stronger, that their voices may rise in unison to cover their land with praise and worship to Jesus Christ!! We bless them, Lord, with hope and strength, and encouragement to carry on!! In Jesus’name, Amen.

    Margaret Wyndham
    July 23, 2019

    All I can say to this is Amen!! Father may it be by you.

July 23, 2019

Thank you Father for saving them! Lord you are faithful and nothing is impossible with you, open the eyes of there loved ones as well. Open there eyes to the truth, just like you did for me when I was a Muslim! Lord let your sons and daughter be a light in Iran.

Dayton Maxwell
July 23, 2019

I pray regularly that those disillusioned with Islam come to Christ rather than become atheists. I understand that disillusionment with Islam based on Iran’s theocratic government’s actions is growing significantly.

Kimberly Hartfield
July 23, 2019

Lord Jesus, I pray Your kingdom is fruitful and multiplies! Amen

geri boisvert
July 23, 2019

And here in Canada and U.S.A the huge church buildings housing worldly christians with flashing lights and loud music imitating the world has no idea what persecution is. These churches are lukewarm. We need to wake up out of the lukewarm state. Be bold like John the Baptist and go beyond the walls of buildings! The true church of Christ is not inside walls.

Dorothy Ter Horst
July 23, 2019

Lord, please confuse the strategy of the demonic realm fueling the Muslim religion. Make one lie prove another wrong until they kill each other and fall to the ground, in Jesus name. Amen.

Ken Budz
July 23, 2019

Dear Lord God Almighty thank You for everything. Thank You for prayer. Lord I pray that You continue to pur our Your Holy Spirit on very many in Iran. May more come to You in deep faith. Please Lord give them courage strength wisdom and whatever else they need to endure in their difficult circumstances. I pray this in the powerful name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Annette `Hunt
July 22, 2019

Blessed Heavenly Father, plesae continue to grow and multiply your churcvh in Iran. It is so unlikely that it is obviously from you, through dreams and one-on-one testimonies, not large meetings with powerful preachers and inspiring music, but simply through the power or your holy spirit. Oh Father, bring those Christians to a closer walk with you, protect and guard their hearts from the enemy, from his lies, from his efforts to stop this amazing movement of your spirit. In Jesus name…

Anita Gonzales
July 22, 2019

We should not be surprised because ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD!!!! Wonderful things happen as we preach the gospel in obedience!!!!


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