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1654 People Prayed
9368 People have read this article


Father God, Lord of all, we praise You because You are victorious over all darkness. (Jude 1:25)

With the televised hearings on impeachment, it is imperative that we as the body of Christ, be in prayer about this divisive process that is happening in our nation. We invite you to pray in unison as the process unfolds. See below for a partial summary of what happened during the hearings today.

Download our prayer guide for the hearings–click the link.

Send a message to your Congressman or woman!

We offer four points of prayer to pray over this process:

1. PRAISE God that He has ultimate victory over the darkness. (Jude 1:25)

2. PRAY FOR EACH PERSON ON THE WITNESS LIST BY NAME–praying for truthful testimony, to promote and follow honest processes, and for protection from any assignment of the Enemy. (Prv 12:22)

3. PRAY THE OPPOSITE. Shift the atmosphere of these contentious and unctuous impeachment activities. Pray for truth where there is deception. Pray for revelation where there is concealment. Pray for protection where there is threat. (Eph 5:6-11)

4. ASK FOR GOD’S PURPOSES TO BE FULFILLED in our nation, and that any plan to derail them through political maneuvering, subterfuge, or plotting would be thwarted. (Is 46:10)

Those who gave testimony yesterday are: William Taylor, George Kent, and on Friday of this week, Marie Yovanovich. Pray for the members of the House Intelligence Committee as they listen and guide the process. Pray for Chairman Adam Schiff as he directs this live broadcast with hopes to bring impeachment and take down the President. Pray for the Miniority Leader Devin Nunes, who has been outspoken about the abuses in the procedures.
— Pray for honest, clear, and complete testimony. Pray that they would be permitted to answer any and all pertinent questions from all sides. Pray that each would speak truthfully and seek to do what is right. (Prv 6:16-19)


From Epoch Times, reporting on today’s hearings: House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) is the one leading the impeachment hearing, and he issued a lengthy statement, detailing the Democrats’ allegations against Trump.

“If we find the president of the United States and invited foreign interference in our elections ” or has engaged in quid pro quo actions with Ukraine “is this what Americans should now expect from their president?” he asked during the hearing.

House Intelligence ranking member Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) said that Democrats “engaged in a last-ditch effort” to paint Trump as a “Russian agent,” which he said was an attempt on their part to overturn the 2016 election results.

Nunes suggested that impeachment inquiry was a continuation of the “Russian hoax.”

“This is a carefully orchestrated media smear campaign,” Nunes said.

The first two diplomats who are slated to testify are Bill Taylor and George Kent.

House Democrats have alleged that Trump’s White House pressured Ukraine into investigating former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, and created an “irregular channel.” Hunter Biden had sat on the board of a Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Holdings, while his father was in office.

Trump has frequently denied the claims and called the impeachment hearings a sham.

“Also, why is corrupt politician Schiff allowed to hand over cross-examination to a high priced outside lawyer. Did that lawyer ever work for me, which would be a conflict?” Trump wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

Taylor, a career diplomat and former U.S. Army officer, previously served as U.S. ambassador to Ukraine and is now the chargé d’affaires of the U.S. embassy in Kyiv. Kent oversees Ukraine policy at the State Department.

Trump’s fellow Republicans, who will also be able to question the witnesses, have crafted a defense strategy that will argue he did nothing wrong when he asked Ukraine’s new president to investigate alleged corruption involving former U.S. vice president Joe Biden and his son.

Schiff, meanwhile, said that the whistleblower at the center of the impeachment inquiry should not be named. Ethics violations might be levied against lawmakers who do so, he said.

In a memo (pdf) to the panel’s members on Tuesday, Schiff wrote that “it is important to underscore that the House’s impeachment inquiry, and the Committee, will not serve as venues for any Member to further the same sham investigations into the Bidens or into debunked conspiracies about 2016 U.S. election interference.” His memo didn’t elaborate on the “debunked conspiracies” or “sham investigations.”

(Excerpt from Epoch Times. Article by Jack Phillips.)

1654 People Prayed
9368 People have read this article


  1. I sent an email to my representative while all this was taking place behind closed doors. I wondered why all of this was being done in private instead of in public where the American people can see and hear it. Then everyone would witness what a sham this is and that the democrats would expose themselves.
    The hole that they are digging for our President is the one they will fall into themselves.
    I plan to write my congressmen and DEMAND that Joe and Hunter Biden be investigation. Sounds like there’s a whole lot more to this story than I thought.

    PAUL was brought before Caesars Judgment Seat to be tried . Paul appealed to Caesar
    Festus aquatinted the King with Paul’s case Paul still in chains.
    The Jews petitioned for a judicial hearing and condemnation of Paul
    Pls read the Scripture in AMPLIFIED.
    ……Romans custom not to give up freely anyman for punishment before the accused had met the accusers FACE TO FACE and had opportunity to defend himself concerning the charge brought against him.
    I Decree into the 3 Ring Circus that the WHISTLEBLOWER BE EXPOSED AND Trumps defense be the ALMIGHTY JUDGE OF this entire coup IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME

  3. I2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins, and heal their land.”
    Oh Father!! My heart breaks with sorrow and disbelief about “the impeachment circus🎪” against the President! Father how long will the foes mocks Your Laws; spoken from your Holy voice to Moses, your servant! How long your hand holds back JUSTICE, in our Congress, the Courts, from the least of them to your Highest Courts. Only you Lord can change the hearts of those who hate Truth and Justice. Please Father, forgive them and be Merciful to those that are doing this abomination to our land! HELP us Heavenly Father and end injustice and mockery, division and hate to our land! Stretch your hand and let your Land be heal. I asked for your forgiveness and mercy, for peace, for right against wrong, for good to overcome evil! You are our Prince of Peace and the Lord of lords, to the Glory of God our Father! In Jesus name I pray! Amen, Amen!

    1. Lord God, I pray that You will turn the hearts of the hateful that are lying and plotting, to You. Only You can speak to them so they will listen, and only You can arrange for them to hear Your voice. We pray for them that are trying to have President Trump impeached, that they would come to their senses and realize what it is they are doing, that You would give them dreams and visions of what this country may look like if our Constitution, our borders, our churches, and freedoms are removed by these acts. Let them see ahead of time exactly what countries without borders have come to. We pray for the people who are caught in this immense political struggle- the immigrants that are only pawns in the hands of the very rich, and of their money that they themselves think falsely, will save them from any coming future disaster. We are asking Father for Your divine intervention in this process trying to impeach the man You set up as our President. Your word says Daniel 2:21-22 “21 And He changeth the times and the seasons: He removes kings, and setteth up kings: He giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding: 22 He revealeth the deep and secret things: He knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with Him.” We pray for this, respectfully, in Jesus name amen.

  4. Father forgive us for looking the other way when evil is allowed to operate under cover in God’s house,in our homes, and in our institutions. You have given all of us your commandments to follow. You have given us the Holy Spirit to prick our conscience,you have given us the Bible to know and learn to do right. Help all of us in this nation to wake up and repent for turning our backs on you a Holy Righteous God. Help us to turn to you in Spirit and in truth. Help us to take responsibility for the doors we opened to darkness. Deliver each one of us to love righteousness and hate sin. Then you will turn these things arpund. In our homes,in our churches and in our communities and our Nation. Thank you that you have the remedy and Thank you that you will speedily answer as we run towards you with a fully surrendered hearts. Thank you Father these things are not too difficult for you to bring healing and victory and put our Nation back on the right path.

  5. Father God lift up this country to you. This country has turned its back on you. I repent for those who do not know you or have taken you out of places. You created this country and we need you more than ever. Lord pray over Nancy Pelosi, Senate house President Vice President Democrats and Republicans. How can two walk together except to agree…Lord you already know this country is divided hate killings everything that is going on. I pray that each individual will lay their egos down and repent and declare you as Lord of all. In Jesus Name

    1. The Lord’s will be done to turn us to his love and love his way in our lives. He is the answer.without him we can do nothing. With him all things are possible. His will is perfect for us as we Jesus Christ we place our hope and trust..thank you Lord for being in the affairs of men to prove yourself mighty to save your people and you are Lord of all king of kings..we love you Lord .help!!!!in Jesus name thank you Lord. Amen. Psalm 82

    2. God help us. In the name of Jesus, come. Ps 59. Ps 107:20. IF my people. IF my churches. IF my cities. IF my states-my nation. Hear. Forgive. Answer O Lord. We are seeking You while You May be found. We call on You while You are near. Have mercy. Pardon. We bow low.

  6. Righteousness exalts a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. (Proverbs 14:34). For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. (Romans 3:23) If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.( 1 John 1:9). Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. (Galatians 6:7). For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that everyone may receive the things done in his body, according to that he has done, whether it be good or bad.(2 Corinthians 5:10). Our entire nation needs prayer, and there is NO ONE on this earth who is perfect. God is the RIGHTEOUS JUDGE!! He alone know the heart of man.

  7. Forgive us Lord, that this nation has turned against You and we are continuing to see the results of our evil actions. We pray against the wickedness of some of our leaders who are embracing pure hatred of our duly elected POTUS.
    We claim Your Supreme Authority over our land, and continue to rebuke the power of the enemy who has come to kill and destroy.

    Claiming 2 Chronicles 7:14.

    In Jesus Mighty Name 🙏✝️🙏

  8. Contend, O Lord, with those who contend with President Trump;
    Fight against those who fight against him. Take hold of buckler and shield, And rise up for his help.
    Draw also the spear and the battle-axe to meet those who pursue the president; Say to his soul , “I am your salvation.”
    Let those be ashamed and dishonored who seek President Trump’s life; Let those be turned back and humiliated who devise evil against him.
    Let them be like chaff before the wind, With the angel of the Lord driving them on. Let their way be dark and slippery, With the angel of the Lord pursuing them. For without cause they hid their net from President Trump; without cause they dug a pit for his soul. Let destruction come upon them unawares; And let the net which they hid catch themselves; into that very destruction let them fall.
    And President Trump’s souls shall rejoice in the Lord; it shall exult His salvation.
    Do not let those who are wrongfully his enemies rejoice over him;
    For they do not speak peace, But they devise deceitful words against the President and they open their mouth wide against him, saying “Aha, our eyes have seen it!”
    You have seen it, Oh Lord, do not keep silent; O Lord do not be far from President Trump and this nation.

    In Jesus name, amen!

  9. Lord I pray for unity in our country all these attempts to divide our country motivated by hate for our President will bring nothing good for any of us and most of all we pray that You Lord will be honored and praised. But no matter what Lord our eyes are fixed on You

    1. Amen, Lord let our eyes fix on you, turn our hearts, our minds toward Your law instd what the hearing desperately trying to sway our opinion, let us think not toward right nor toward left but only aiming at You, give us wisdom to discern, help us Lord, the left is trying so hard to sway us and the nation.let us see through their attempts.let their efforts be in vain. in Your Name we pray, Amen.

    1. I pray, Father, that you will completely protect President Donald J Trump! “Contend O Lord with those who contend with him. Fight against those who fight against him. Take up shield and buckler. Arise and come to his aid! Brandish spear and javelin against those who pursue him. Say to his soul, ‘I am your salvation.’ May those who seek his life be disgraced and put to shame; may those who plot his ruin be turned back in dismay. May Adam Schiff and his committee be like chaff before the wind with the angel of the Lord driving them away. May their path be dark and slippery with the angel of the Lord pursuing them.” Psalm 35:1-6. Father, I remind you now of your scripture and how you protect leaders you put in place. Father, release your warring angels to oppose the uprooting of this administration before its conclusion. Pour out your grace on President Trump and all who testify on his behalf. Father, in the Name of Jesus, May witnesses who are expected to testify against Trump be like Balaam – who tried to curse the Israelites but ended up only blessing them. May each witness be unable to describe an impeachable offense! Father. ‘May the phrase “no impeachable offense” reverberate in the atmosphere daily and hourly in the Committee room and outside it! There’s been NO IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE! None. Establish the truth of that statement, Lord! May the fear of the Lord FALL ON ALL trying to uproot this President and the things he has accomplished! May the FEAR OF THE LORD FALL ON ALL who are helping President Trump. May their words be clear and sharp as swords, bringing understanding to the American people! Father, I speak powerful blessing and protection over President Trump, Melanie and Barron and all his family! May the President be like a tree firmly planted, well-watered, and bringing forth all the fruit you planned for his 8 years as President! Thank you and praise you, Lord! No person can accomplish the turn of events that we need. Only YOU! Blessed Father and Creator of the heavens and the earth! In Jesus Name, AMEN.

  10. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people He chose for His inheritance.
    From heaven He looks down and sees all mankind, from His dwelling place He watches all who live on the earth– He who forms the hearts of all considers everything they do.

    Heavenly Father, we commit to you this impeachment inquiry and pray that you use it to expose evil and establish truth. May you be glorified!

  11. Heavenly Father we all love you. This whole impeachment business is disgraceful for our country and I’m ashamed. I know you see all things and you are the only judge I believe in and I am
    Happy you have the last say.
    Lord God in your sons name I pray for truth and justice, I will be happy and content with whatever you decide because all my faith and love is in you my king.
    In your Sons mighty name I pray.
    Amen and Amen 🙏🏽 ♥️

  12. In Jesus name, “If my people who are called by name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”
    (2 Chronicles 7:14)
    Lord Jesus, forgive our sins and the sins of our country. We come before you with humble and contrite hearts on our knees crying out to you for your forgiveness, mercy and grace. You are an awesome God, and you reign from heaven above with wisdom, power and love. Heal our land Father. Heal our government in Jesus name. Amen.

    “Do not take me away with the wicked and with the workers of iniquity, who speak peace with their neighbors, but evil is in their hearts. Give them according to their deeds, and according to the wickedness of their endeavors; Give them according to the work of their hands; Render to them what they deserve. Because they do not regard the works of the Lord, Nor the operation of His hands, He shall destroy them and not build them up.
    Blessed be the Lord. Because He has heard my (our) supplications! The Lord is my strength and my shield; My heart trusted in Him, and I (we) are helped; Therefore my heart greatly rejoices and with song I will praise Him.”
    (Psalm 28: 3-7)

    1. Amen! Let the words of our mouth and the meditation of our hearts be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, our strength and redeemer.
      Lord, may you judge lies and deceit with Your Truth and bring hidden subversive agendas to Light.

  13. It’s comforting to know, that our God reigns! He has the final say. The wisdom of man is foolishness with God. Our God will use these foolish things that his name will be exalted over this country. He is God and God alone .

  14. FATHER God, we thank You for being in control of this whole charade. We decree and declare that Your Justice will ultimately reign and that You will open the eyes of the blind to see the enemy at work and they will vote for Truth and Righteousness in 2020. Thank You for protecting our President and his family. Let the Spirit of Peace surround them at this time, in Jesus Name.

  15. For the LORD your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory.” Deuteronomy 20:4

    LORD Almighty we stand on this verse and look forward to seeing YOU get the glory all over the earth as the waters covers the sea.
    We ask you do a quick work. In Jesus NAME


    Thank you Lord!

  16. Thank you Father for the prayers we see here today. Thank you that You are a God who hears and answers the prayers of Your children. Thank you that You are a Mighty God and who You put up no man can take down. For You are God and there is no one else like You. Your purpose will be established and You will do all that pleases You and fulfills Your purpose. (Adapted from Is. 46:10) Show our President a sign for good during these proceedings, encourage him, and may he cling to You and Your promises. We praise Your Name and pray in Your Sweet Son’s Name. Amen

  17. Nahum1:5 “…the Lord has His way in the whirlwind and in the storm..”
    Truly, may the God of Heaven rule and overrule in this unjust impeachment ordeal. “ If God be for us, who can be against us.” Rom.8:31
    Also Lamentations 3:37-
    “Who is he that saith,and it cometh to pass, when the Lord
    commandeth it not?”
    They can yell impeachment all they want, but God is still in control; May His divine will prevail, in Jesus Christ’s name.

    1. Proverbs 21:20-21 those who are of a perverse hart are an abomination to the Lord, but the Blameless in their ways are his delight. Though they join forces, the wicked will not go on punished; but the posterity of the righteous will be delivered.

  18. Proverbs 26:26-27
    “Whose hatred is covered by deceit, his wickedness shall be shewed before the whole congregation. Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him.”
    God we pray for our president who seeks to be a man after your own heart.

    Proverbs 91
    We claim this promise over his life.

    We pray for those who would fast and pray at this time.

  19. Father I thank you that Jesus is Lord over this nation. When the enemy comes in like a flood you Lord lift up a standard against them. The Word of God will prevail against this plot to take out our President. I pray divine protection around our President and pray that no evil will befall him. I pray that the darkness will be brought to light and that truth will be revealed. No weapon formed against our President will prosper and every tongue that rises up against him shall be proven wrong. Praise God for the victory! Our God Reigns and nothing is to hard for God! June Stevens

  20. Abba – You are the God of truth, and I pray that You will make the truth of this matter known for everyone to see. Please protect President Trump and Your children in Congress – please let Your good and perfect will be done. May You receive glory in this. Even though this nation has become so wicked, for the sake of the righteous in it I pray that You will pour out Your grace and mercy on us and that You will restrain the evil powers who are causing this insanity. Please make the plans of those who love evil to fall back on their own heads that they may know You, and You alone, are God. May all of the praise and glory belong to You and our Lord Jesus, for it is in His name that we pray and thank You.

    1. I stand in agreement with my brothers and sisters in Christ! Oh Lord, You are good always and You will use this for our good and Your glory! Blessed be Your Holy Name! Thank You for loving us so very much. Thank you for Jesus! In His Name we pray!

  21. Lord, we Thank you thar YOU are Present in that House Chamber … Today and Everyday. We Plead for Your Strong Hand of Righteousness to continue to Prevail over this Land that was begun with Your Principles and Your Protection 🙏🙏
    May those who still Trust in YOU ….RISE UP to PRAY and Speak TRUTH
    MAY YOUR HOLY SPIRIT PRESENCE be the Most Powerful I fluence on the Force and Outcome of each Day.

    We PRAY in the POWERFUL NAME of YOUR SON, Jesus. Amen

  22. Father God, I pray and invite Your Holy Spirit to flood that impeachment room with Your Mighty Presence and that only truth will be spoken, not lies. You, Father God, are the God in heaven and You rule in the affairs of men. In Jesus’ Precious Name

  23. Jesus, we adore You, We praise You, and invoke Your will to be done on earth. In a world that is in so much need, we ask You to to be with President Trump. We seek the truth. Protect our president and our Nation from all evil. Please let the light of truth shine for all to witness, open the eyes and hearts of all people. Heal the division in our Nation. Bind the tongues of that seek to deceive. In The precious name of Jesus we pray. Amen

  24. Most glorious Father, thank you for hearing our prayers and answering them. Thank you that the words of those trying to impeach the president will fall to the ground and they will getcaught in their own trap. Thank you that the impeachment will utterly fail. Praise your marvelous name !!We worship you Jesus,King of Kings and Lord of Lords ,Mighty God ,Prince of Peace. Amen

  25. We praise You, Father, because Your word says that You, who sit in the heavens laugh! Why do they plot a vain thing?!
    We stand in faith with You, Father, for Your Kingdom to come and Your will to be done in America, in our government.
    We pray an invasion of heaven in Washington DC!
    We continue to push back evil forces of darkness in high places, by faith, and cry out,” Come, Holy Spirit! Have Your way in our nation, for Your glory!”
    We love You, Lord!
    We trust You, Lord, to do battle on our behalf just as in the days of old! We praise You, Holy One of Israel, King of Kings, to whom all honor, majesty, and glory is due!
    Have Your way!
    Lead Your children to victory again!

  26. This will not interfere in the 2020 Elections, this will cause every believer who knows God to vote for President Trump. Every knock is a boost. This is a major boost for His election. The American citizens can pl
    ainly see how corrupt, they have been and still are, we must get them voted out, so that truthfuk persons
    can be put in office, those with integrity and honesty can reign and rule.

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