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267 People Prayed
1389 People have read this article


As the Church continues to debate the effectiveness of Donald Trump’s presidency, Christopher Corbett offers a unique perspective on the larger threat of what he calls “Christianophobia.” This very real ideology is gaining steam, with or without President Trump, and we need to realize, and pray for, the ramifications of this anti-faith movement. Here is an excerpt from his article published in THE STREAM.

In short, the best explanation for why evangelicals support Trump is not Trump. It’s Christianophobia. Never-Trumpers may say that evangelical support for Trump feeds Christianophobia. But this movement pre-dates Trump. It doesn’t need Trump. Its fires burn regardless of who is president.

What Evangelicals Preserve Under Trump

I’ve seen Christianophobia’s effects first hand. For over four years, I was a vice president in communications at First Liberty Institute. First Liberty is a non-profit legal organization giving pro bono defense to Americans of any faith suffering from unlawful religious discrimination. Based on the hundreds of legal matters our lawyers handled, here’s what I would estimate is on the line for a very large number of Christians:

Their jobs. Their businesses. Their Bible studies. Their right to raise their children without interference or indoctrination. Their churches’ right to govern property and to control church teaching. Their ability to operate ministries such as orphanages and homeless shelters. Their right to publicly pray and express their views. The list goes on and is well-documented. Losses in these areas are already mounting. Of course, Christianophobic institutions might let us keep some of these things, but only if we renounce key pillars of our beliefs.

Against Christianophobia, there is the Trump administration.

Trump’s federal judges give religious liberty a chance at survival — the “space” for Christians to exist and to influence others. Already, Trump’s judges have paved the way to overturning chilling decisions against Christians in education and small business. However, more is needed. Trump’s religious liberty executive order and the administration’s department guidance rules likely have saved the ability of Christians to live out their faith in government service, including the military. They also likely saved countless faith-owned contractors from banishment by federal agencies. Another executive order seeks to restore to students — including Christians — greater ability to speak more freely on campuses.  Throw in Trump’s unprecedented pro-life energy, and is it any wonder that for most evangelicals, the pro vs. con calculus on Trump has fallen toward the “pro” side?

Sure, there will be difficulties to wrestle with. And the ultimate counter to Christianophobia? A revival of biblical literacy and sacrificial zeal within the church. But government is important. It is a God-ordained institution that should protect, not oppose, a freely lived faith. In that light, Trump is not the “crisis” for Christians some may believe.

Christopher Corbett is a writer and communications strategist working with an array of non-profit policy organizations and ministries. He holds a degree in political science from the University of Chicago.

267 People Prayed
1389 People have read this article


  1. I have a real issue with people having an issue with our current President and his “racist ways” and whether or not he may or may not be a Christian… I am in a mixed race marriage, and I promise that when this man talks, I take no offense toward myself, my children, or my husband. The issue that has fueled his “racist” ways was his reference to “brown people” invading our Borders, by saying “brown”, he was speaking about both Middle-Easterners (Possibly terrorists)and South-Americans, some of whom have their own brand of violent intentions (gangs,drugs,human trafficking).
    Furthermore– I voted as a registered Democrat in 2008. That is the last vote I will ever cast for them, as they stand for the very things that are by all accounts UNGodly (abortion, lgbtq advancements, gender confusion, etc). And the Obamas are still stirring that same old pot of stink that is called racial division. The opportunity that sat on the shoulders of Barack Obama was a huge one, but he failed, he dropped the ball without much effort in his attempt to uplift the years of racial strife that has been handed down through generations. And to this day, his family still participates creating that same strife.
    As for the state of President Trump’s soul— Why can ALL be forgiven, changed, and redeemed except for Donald J. Trump? Yes, he has said some vile things in the past, but haven’t most of us? He has acted in ways unbecoming of a Christian, but so have most of us…
    The Power and the Blood is remarkably big enough to cleanse and renew the most filthy of us, Donald Trump included.
    Besides, who are we to question his Salvation? I, for one, don’t wish to cast my lot in with those who are eager to sit in the seat of Judgement, that is for God alone.

    What we should do is pray for this man, as we should also pray for the Obamas. Pray for the Trump family, their protection, his intentions to be aligned with the perfect Will of God, and that the spirit of division that is within our country be hindered by the Holy Spirit & God Himself. The Blood of Christ can Redeem many of the very ones seeking to destroy us, and our prayers should also be for those hearts to be turned to Christ.

    1. Agree with the August 1, 2019 at 5:45 PM prayer of Melinda C.
      Luke 1:37 (KJV) For with God nothing shall be impossible.
      1 Thessalonians 5:18 (KJV) In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
      Thank you all.

    2. Absolutely agree with Melinda C’s statement on August 1st regarding this article. This is a positive and hopeful insight on our Christian freedoms and the effect of the Trump administration. Thank you, Father God for those Christians in the administration, in various government offices and for those in positions of advice and counsel. I pray, Oh Lord, for your protection, your guidance and your working through. I pray Lord for your guidance, your wisdom and your Spirit to be working in President Trump; May he know Jesus Christ fully and intimately. Keep him strong and healthy; bless and guide his family toward you. Thank you for his heart and spirit of freedom and his protection of Christian principles and rights.

  2. The question is, how can Evangelicals NOT vote for Trump? Do you see what the other alternative is? Infanticide (also called late term abortion), control of the culture by out of control LGBTQ+ (my son-in-law is at an IT conference where everyone is wearing a sticker – What Pronoun do you want to be called by?), hatred for law enforcement and the military… Trump is human, so he is not perfect, but he is 10 times better for the U.S. than his closest opponent. Heavenly Father, please let us see the truth that the truth will make us free. Open our eyes and pull away the veil the enemy is blinding us with. Please work your will in the United States of America.

  3. I’m a blood-bought, Holy Ghost filled Christian, but I’m ALSO a black man living in America!!! It’s hard to vote for someone who constantly puts my race down. I also have family members who are not YET followers of Christ, who worry about the racial tensions TRUMP has fused in this country. Yea I know I’m covered, but I cannot help but worry about my fellow brothers and sisters of color living in the horrible racist climate that TRUMP has created with his M.A.G.A. talk!!! Y’all need to pray that God breaks the spirit of RACISM off of Trump instead of being deafeningly “QUIET” about Trumps racism issues!!!!🤷🏾‍♂️I’m just saying.

    1. Trump has done more for African Americans then any other president. Unemployment in the African American Community is at a record low. He has appointed African-Americans at all levels of government. Fake news says that President Trump is racist but if you go back in President Trump’s history photographs of President Trump with a multitude of black leaders show a different story. Stop listening to the fake news. The African Community has been devastated by Planned Parenthood which was founded by racist Margaret Sanger who wanted to get rid of the black community. Margaret Sanger was a eugenicist and a big fan of Hitler and the KKK. Do a little research on Christian sites about Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood. Again you need to stop listening to the fake news. In Christ’s love, Patti

      1. I understand the Parent Plannedhood thing and I agree, but I still believe Trump is a racist. Just because he’s been in photos with black people doesn’t mean he’s not racist. He’s fine with you as long as you agree with him. When you call him out on something, his true colors show. But really….if you are white….you probably wouldn’t see his racism because it doesn’t affect you!!! It’s ashamed that racism still lives….even in the Body of Christ!!! Smh

        1. If he’s fine with you (regardless of color) as long as you agree with him, but comes after you if you attack him then he’s judging people on their viewpoints, not their color. What about criminal justice reform?

      2. My sister Patti,
        Granted the news is bias, opinionated and even petty but not all reporting is “Fake News”, which is a term often used to deflect. A great deal of reporting from major medial outlet was first stated as fake news but later proved to be fact. I am not going to get into the details, but I suggest you do some research. Please include facts about how the current administration has helped African Americans. You will find the rhetoric doesn’t add up to truth/facts. Besides, it’s not the media that people draw conclusions about the President, but it’s words; spoken and tweeted by him. My allegiance is not to the Reps or Dems but to the Cross. And, regardless of who presides over the office of the President ie, Reps or Dems, Christians or non-Christians, the office is ordained by God. And therefore, as Believers we are to honor and respect the leader/s of our nation which include both Reps and Dems, for instance, Nancy Pelosi; however, in doing so, doesn’t mean we are to condole or agreement with behaviors, actions or words that contradict the wisdom and character of Christ. Nevertheless, its urgent that we pray. Granted laws help but the laws are powerless to evil. And therefore, the united power of prayer of a Believer avails much. In addition to, praying for our leader/s, the first order is to pray for unity in the Body of Christ. As it stands now, the Body of Christ is largely divided on some political issues as Non-Believers.

    2. I’m African American and a born again Christian! I’ve been serving God for over 40 years. Trump is NOT racist!! If you listen to the FAKE NEWS outlets Globalist outlets…CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS,NBC then I understand why you say he’s racist! They are beating that drum 24/7. Most blacks don’t check out what other news voices are out there. Do yourself a favor and check out some of the most brilliant African American voices of today. Go to YouTube and pull up the videos of Candace Owens, a beautiful, articulate young, black woman who is busting the lies perpetrated by main stream media with a plethora of undeniable facts! Also, check out on YouTube, David Harris Jr. He’s another young black intelligent voice talking facts and setting the record straight. Since you know God… please pray and ask God to show you the truth before you listen to these two. There are numerous others, but start with these. After you’ve prayed and listened, if you still feel the same, then so be it! But if you really want to know the truth, please pray and listen! May God continue to richly bless you and your family!🙏🙏

    3. Dear Curtis Clay, I think you might find Candace Owens (a young courageous black woman) very helpful to listen to. She has sought diligently for truth and is speaking it to the black community and her generation (as well as to me! 😊) She is a wonderful gift of light in this darkened world. I hope you will check her out. Many blessings upon you sir.

    4. Lift high the name of Jesus, Brother Curtis. When He is lifted up, He will draw all of us to Himself, and then all the blindness will be gone. God is showing me what you’re talking about, and I’m a freckled-faced country girl who once was blind but now I see my sin AND my Saviour.

      And as much as God has blessed us with a few more years out from under dictatorship, we best be falling on our knees begging for revival.

      [Jer 17:5-9 KJV] 5 Thus saith the LORD; Cursed [be] the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD. 6 For he shall be like the heath in the desert, and shall not see when good cometh; but shall inhabit the parched places in the wilderness, [in] a salt land and not inhabited. 7 Blessed [is] the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is. 8 For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and [that] spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit. 9 The heart [is] deceitful above all [things], and desperately wicked: who can know it?

      Only the LORD. May He cleanse our deceitful hearts! And pray for us, Brother. We need it. God bless you.

    5. Curtis,
      Please listen to your black brothers & sisters who strongly support President Trump & do not believe he is racist: Dr. Alveda King, Dr. Ben Carson and many others. I appreciate your heart in wanting to rid our country of racism, but I believe you need to seek the Lord’s face & ask him where the root of this evil comes from.

  4. Whether or not President Trump is a Christian, he certainly values Christian ideas, and he believes in God. He is rough around the edges at times, but he has shown more Christian actions than any other president than I can remember…and I’m over the 70 standard years mentioned in the Bible! He has accomplished more for our country than maybe any other president. As someone else already said, God is certainly using him to help preserve our nation. It would be a shame for us to fail because self-righteous persons refrain from voting for him because they don’t think he’s Christian enough. We have had other supposedly Christian presidents, and they have not accomplished even a small percentage of what President Trump has; and President Trump has done it in the face of horrible and evil opposition. Read your Bibles more carefully and see what God has done through all kinds of people. Then get on your knees and pray.

  5. Lord, please confuse the strategy of the demonic realm undermining religious freedom. Make one lie prove another wrong until they kill each other and fall to the ground, in Jesus name, Amen.

  6. I personally do not understand the big “Christian” debate over president Donald Trump. As I read my bible I understand it is not my place to critique other people but to pray for them and and ask the Father for His wisdom to see and get a better understanding from God’s perspective. I vote for the person or party that best represents a biblical way of life and trust in the power of prayer to bring about change and then live my life to be a light in the darkness. It’s far too easy today to get “caught” in the wrong stream of thinking. We have to hold fast to what the word teaches regarding our government and get serious about following Jesus’ example…we have become far too critical and not enough “warring” in prayer.

  7. Lord THANK YOU for your Mercy and Grace upon the people in America.I Thank You for President Donald Trump and for Vice President Pence, sinners saved by GRACE, but raised up and chosen for such a time as this. Lord I pray for all Christians to repent and lead by example bringing revival of all people’s in this Nation. Lord if it is Thy will please take back the ground given to the enemy. Lord may this Nation and the people of Faith be an example to all Nation’s of Your anointing on a people who obeys Your Commands and Loves You with all their hearts, souls, and with all your mind and with all your strength. In Jesus name. In Glorifying You. Amen

  8. As an evangelical I understand and agree with voting to preserve Christian values, what I cannot understand is why Republicans won’t offer other candidates for 2020 who have our same values, but bring more integrity to the office. I believe the man is just as important as the plan, yet I allow room for God to bring about His will for America, even thru Trump.

    1. Junnus Clay. Of all the comments, I have read on this site and other Christian site, you nailed it. Which is the core issues that others Christians are experiencing as well as, its the divide among some Christians.

  9. Recently heard “don’t look at the man, but the plan”. We know the left’s agenda. We have to support the party that supports our Christian values. Whether we personally like President Trump or not, he is being used by God in this nation.

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