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669 People Prayed
1844 People have read this article


Father God, thank You for the people of Alabama and their elected officials who are standing firm for the value of all the lives You create.

This week Alabama passed the nation’s strictest abortion law. On Wednesday, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed the law and this is the announcement:

Today, I signed into law the Alabama Human Life Protection Act, a bill that was approved by overwhelming majorities in both chambers of the Legislature. To the bill’s many supporters, this legislation stands as a powerful testament to Alabamians’ deeply held belief that every life is precious and that every life is a sacred gift from God.

To all Alabamians, I assure you that we will continue to follow the rule of law.

In all meaningful respects, this bill closely resembles an abortion ban that has been a part of Alabama law for well over 100 years. As today’s bill itself recognizes, that longstanding abortion law has been rendered “unenforceable as a result of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade.”

No matter one’s personal view on abortion, we can all recognize that, at least for the short term, this bill may similarly be unenforceable. As citizens of this great country, we must always respect the authority of the U.S. Supreme Court even when we disagree with their decisions.  Many Americans, myself included, disagreed when Roe v. Wade was handed down in 1973. The sponsors of this bill believe that it is time, once again, for the U.S. Supreme Court to revisit this important matter, and they believe this act may bring about the best opportunity for this to occur.

I want to commend the bill sponsors, Rep. Terri Collins and Sen. Clyde Chambliss, for their strong leadership on this important issue.

For the remainder of this session, I now urge all members of the Alabama Legislature to continue seeking the best ways possible to foster a better Alabama in all regards, from education to public safety. We must give every person the best chance for a quality life and a promising future.

The law was passed in order to challenge the 50-year old Roe v. Wade decision. Please pray that Roe v. Wade would finally be overturned.

You will certainly be interested in the interchange between Rick Santorum and Jeffrey Toobin on CNN, excerpted by Real Clear Politics:

JEFFREY TOOBIN, CNN CHIEF LEGAL ANALYST: I — for better or worse, I think I was right. I mean, look, Donald Trump said in the third debate with Hillary Clinton, if I get two or more appointments to the Supreme Court, automatically, that’s the word he used, automatically Roe v. Wade will be overturned, and I think the president was exactly right.

Roe v. Wade is gone and every woman in Alabama who gets pregnant is going to be forced to give birth soon, and that’s going to be true in Alabama. It’s going to be true in Missouri. It’s going to be true probably in Georgia, and that’s what the law is because that’s what the presidential election was about in part last time. . . . 

Well, I think they are going to rule on it, and I think they’re going to uphold it. I mean, this is what the fight has been about for years. I think that the legislators were very smart. They waited until they got five votes on the Supreme Court, and now they’re going to push this thing through. And Brett Kavanaugh, and Neil Gorsuch are going to be joined by Chief Justice Roberts and Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, and this is a victory Rick and others have been fighting for decades, and they’ve won and they should celebrate.

COOPER: Rick, Senator Santorum, does it —  I want you to respond to what Jeff said. Also, but — the idea that a rapist that gets someone pregnant could get less jail time than a doctor performing an abortion, does that make sense?

RICK SANTORUM, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Well, yes, it does make sense, because we’re ignoring the other person in the situation, and that’s the child.

The rapist, according to the Supreme Court, someone who’s convicted of a violent, a horrible, I mean, just — whatever, doesn’t matter, all rapes are horrible, but you can take the most horrible rape and according to the Supreme Court, the death sentence is not — is cruel and unusual punishment, but the child who is conceived as a result of that can be killed.

And that to me is a house divided. You can’t say somebody commits a horrible crime, doesn’t receive a death sentence, but a child who’s innocent does. And that’s why you’re seeing — I mean, Anderson, I think people don’t realize this law, Roe versus Wade has been in effect for 50 years, yet this country is as divided as it is now as it was 50 years ago.

Why? Because this is wrong. And if this was such — and all of the prognosticators predicted within 10, 20 years, everybody is going to be for abortion. It didn’t happen, why? Because you’re killing a human being.

And it’s obvious to anybody because it’s a fact.

So now you see how fervently we should be praying, as this law winds its way through the legal processes leading up to a challenge to Roe v. Wade. And thank God for the people of Alabama holding to what is right.

669 People Prayed
1844 People have read this article


    Please cause your Holy Spirit to fall on those hearts in the United States who still need to have revelation about Your heart toward the unborn. Take away the wounds surrounding this. Protect babies in the womb. Bless those legislators who have boldly taken a stand on this issue. And please take the abomination of Roe vs Wade and abortion itself out of our land.

    1. Father God how we the people of Alabama thank You that those that You have put in a Authority in our state have heard the voice of the people. Thank You that last election it was put on our ballot the we the people of Alabama can vote on this subject and we voted against abortion in the state of Alabama and I thank You Father God that our government leaders heard the voice of we the people of the state of Alabama!

      And Father I ask that all those who call themselves by the name of Christ will feel your heartbeat for The Unborn weathered Republican Democrat or independent that you will have Your way in this matter that we will realize as You formed us in our mother’s womb You form every every baby!

      Holy Spirit I ask that You will begin to do such a work in this land that the Covenant of death will no longer the allowed and the United States of America. I thank You for the great mercies that You are given to us and I asked that grader mercies be released to the American people. Holy Father forgive us and have mercy and I declare in the name and the authority of Jesus Christ abortion will no longer be the law in the land of America.

    2. Lord God, we pray for the lives in a woman’s womb to be revered and protected and allowed to be adopted. Lord, our adoption parents need to be allowed to permently adopt these unwanted new borns and have the parental rights as all parents have under the law, particularly and permentaly all rights as parents under the law. If a closer look is taken to count the number of abortions, one must look into doctors’ offices, outpatient surgery, and all Operation Rooms, and count the number of D & C’s with the diagnosis of “incomplete spontaneous miscarriage” and the children are put in a plastic bag with the labeled” “product of conception.” The bags are put in an freezer,under the guise of lab pathology. I know this goes on. As a Registered Nurse in 1981 I worked in the Woman’s Hospital D&C suite. I was always at the head but went behind the doctor once and a living, moving, breathing baby was “packed and ready to go ” I shouted “He is alive”! I was permentaly taken out of OR and put in Day Surgery. A ,15 year old girl came into the Treatment Room bleeding heavily and had an abortion in a doctor’s office. Please overturn Roe v Wade for the lives of our children.

  2. Glory to our Almighty Aluah YAHUAH! This change is very much needed after all of the uncountable abortion cases. May our ABBA change the hearts of those who still think that abortion is not murder. The Most High lnew us before we were born (Jeremiah 1:5), so why would one want to end His creation?

  3. Women, like men, need to take responsibility for what they are doing. True! Rape is different, but even here I don’t agree a life should be taken because of something that happened to them. Let them be adopted out to families who want a child. As for the responsibility factor, have men & women have a surgical procedure that would prevent them from conceiving children. At least that way no child would be forthcoming, & it would prevent infants from being murdered willy nilly!

    1. Anti sex. Got it. Here’s the irony. Women using birth control ARE being responsible. But things happen such as broken condom or incest. The anti sex argument falls apart.

  4. All rape kits contain “the day after pill” so this whole rape victims need abortions is b.s. There are 100 ways to NOT get pregnant, women need to start using those. Abortions are not done in a doctor’s office or hospital – HEALTHCARE REJECTS ABORTION so why are we paying for and supporting it? There is something sinister and evil at work here and it always has been. It wasn’t for the woman’s best interest in any way shape or form, it was a way to get human body parts for experiments and “product” for profit. It is sick and we refuse to finance or support Planned Parenthood (what a freaking oxymoron) in any way shape or form. Until/unless an abortion becomes a medical procedure, supervised and approved by healthcare, there is not one single reason we should support and pay for it. Having a discussion about a RIGHT to legally murder (end the life of a human being) is ridiculous and women have been led astray to donate their very essence to freaky science, possibly something even worse.

  5. For years now, I have been praying that the Abortion industry would go out of business for lack of business,
    because all mothers will choose Life.
    Her decision will out Way the Supreme Courts decision.
    May all mothers chose Life.
    Jesus said, “ I put before you Life and Death choose Life”

  6. My husband and I participated in a powerful prayer gathering in Washington DC last year with over 1,000 other intercessors from all over the United States to pray for our nation. We stood at one point to face the direction of the Supreme Court agreeing in prayer that Roe v Wade would be overturned and that righteous judges would be appointed to the Supreme Court. It’s been amazing to watch God’s hand move in response to those prayers and the prayers of so many others!!

  7. The answer is found only in leading a person to Jesus Christ, who not only forgives sin but sends the Holy Spirit into the heart of the believer. Then the woman looks to Him only who is the source of all guidance and sanctification. In the case of rape/ two wrongs don’t make a right. When a woman elects to abort a child conceived during a rape, her child becomes the second victim. To trust God and make the sacrifice of giving birth to the innocent child and if necessary give the child up for adoption will bring about blessings for the mother, the child and the adoptive parent. God promises when we are obedient ( Thou shall not kill innocent life) He causes everything to work for good to the one who loves Him and is called according to His purpose. To think about the child instead of oneself is called “love”. Romans 8:28

  8. We also need to pray about what the pregnant women will need. It’s not enough to just send them to a crisis pregnancy center and call it a day. If the lives of both mother and baby are important, we need real life solutions to support this.

    1. We can’t rely on government to do everything. Programs that give real help are opening up, at least in Tennessee. We the people have to rise up and help our fellow women throgh this. Let everyone who will do what they can.

      1. Hi Kathy, Who said anything about the government? They’ve made a mess of things beyond comprehension, and have contributed greatly to this problem. I think the people are smart enough to figure this out. The only thing we need from a government position are godly servants who will stop tying the hands of people willing to help.

    2. And the 10 year old in India who was denied an abortion? In this case, it’s a fetus vs a real living breathing child who is this mess through no fault of her own. You have no logical explanation or a way out of this. If you put the fetus above the 10 year old, what about real child’s life if this pregnancy kills her.

      1. Art, This is about Alabama’s recent decision. If you’re going to use logic, try sticking to the facts instead of the logical fallacy of a strawman argument.

        1. Actually Mary, no it’s not. My reply was put in the wrong place. My question is about your comment about the rape and how that “baby” is innocent.

          1. The case with the ten year old exist. Google it. The point is that in this case, you have a real child vs. a fetus. Prolifers cannot reconcile this situation truthfully without being dishonest, or flat out lying. It forces admission that they are forcedbirth, not prolife.

          2. Here’s the the thing. That child will not understand, in any way, shape or form, how this baby is a “gift from God.” She does. not. understand. it. It’s about the development stage that she’s in. Look up childhood developmental stages, concrete vs. abstract.

          1. Not buying either one of your comments. You show your ignorance on many levels in this. Stop presuming you know what pro-life is all about. First, your a man who has no clue about a woman’s heart. Second, you’ll never experience a pregnancy due to rape. And third,you’re the type of guy that sends off red flags for me; and who I have taught both my daughters and granddaughters to beware of when dating. Again, there is no valid reason in my thinking for aborting a child of rape. This just doesn’t bear out in the real world of rape survivors and their babies.

  9. Thank you Father for this state following your ways and not our ways on the sanctity of life and pray many more states will follow in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, amen. Matthew 6:33

  10. Life and death are in God’s hand. No man, woman or child can change that. We have been foolishly arrogant to think otherwise. To reverse the law that said a person could take it out of His hands is a wise and humble decision. God will graciously bless that nation with the needed wisdom to proceed from there, for God is good. And God loves us.

  11. This is great, now all states who have a good govenor who loves all human life need to follow suit. I am talking to you govenor of Indiana, pass this law and protect the innocent babies from being murdered in the womb and even right after birth. PLEASE!!!

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