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Texas Dads Arrested for Disrupting School Board Demand

From Fox News | January 17, 2022
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Lord, we pray that you would protect our children. That you would give divine wisdom to the families in America in regards to education and what our children are hearing, seeing, and watching.

Why It’s Time to Reject the Universal Vaccination Push

From The Washington... | January 17, 2022
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Lord, we pray that the biblical values that America was founded would prevail. We pray that you would be the center of this country. We pray for revival would flood America like never before in the...

Miracle Story – Two Babies Survive After Devastating Tornado

From The Epoch Times | January 16, 2022
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Thank you God for protecting these babies! Lord, we pray that you would be with the families that have lost loved ones in the tornado. Would You restore all that has been lost!

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Thank you Senator Manchin for Standing Firm against Build Back Better!

Senator Manchin's NO vote halted the passage of the Build Back Better bill--a bill that would hike taxes in exchange for promoting globalist policies. You can send a message of support to Senator Manchin for standing firm against saddling Americans...

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I am standing for freedom!

Wherever you look, it seems our freedoms are being challenged, squelched and curtailed. Let your elected officials know you are standing for freedom and inviting them to do the same.

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I am Praying for You, Casey DeSantis!

First Lady of Florida, Casey DeSantis has been diagnosed with breast cancer. You can sign on to send a message of prayer, hope, and encouragement to her and her husband, Governor Ron DeSantis, and their family. Click to add your prayer!

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Weighing in on OSHA and Medicare/Medicaid Vaccine Mandate rules

There are several ways you can make your voice heard on the vaccine mandates for both OSHA and Medicare/Medicaid. First, let your elected officials know your thoughts on the vaccine mandate. If you have privacy and freedom concerns, share...

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